Jobs in Newton, Massachusetts, United States

Thirteen different villages comprise the city of Newton, a thriving community located in Massachusetts’s Middlesex County. The city is known for its wide beautiful open spaces, beautiful homes, exceptional lifestyle and high quality of education.

Located just 7 miles south of Boston, the city is regularly recognized by local and national institutes as one of the 10 best cities to live in. The world famous Boston Marathon also runs through the city.

Education and Healthcare are the Largest Sectors

As mentioned above, the city of Newton has an exceptional education system thanks to many high quality schools and colleges such as Lasell College, Mount Ida College and Boston College.  Education sector also has the largest local employment gain in the last year or so, creating almost 20,000 jobs for the city residents.

The second largest industry in the city is healthcare. Institutions like Institute for Healthcare, Newton Wellesley Hospital, Five Star Senior Living and Transform Institute are also among the largest employers in Newton.

Professional and Business Services

Sectors which are just lagging behind education and healthcare in terms of job gain are professional and business services. Employment rate in these sectors in the last year grew by 2.2% which is greater than overall growth rate in the United States.

In addition, financial services and leisure and hospitality are also growing in the city. This is evident from the fact that both these sectors created more than 12,000 jobs in the last year or so.

Newton is a progressive and dynamic community located just outside Boston. Therefore, it presents a lot of opportunities to both the businessmen and job seekers. High quality of life and low cost of living along with excellent public safety makes it a great city to consider. It is a close knit vibrant community ready to welcome all and sundry.