Jobs in North Charleston, South Carolina, United States

The third largest city in South Carolina, North Charleston, has a population of 180,304. It is one of the state’s most important industrial hubs as well as a major retail area.

From the 17th century until the Civil War plantations such as Archdale Hall Plantation and Camp Plantation dominated the landscape and economy of North Charleston. These cultivated commodity crops such as rice and indigo. During the 20th century North Charleston’s economy diversified, as the city became a business and industrial hub. The presence of a number of military bases in the area also helped to bolster the economy.

A Thriving Economy

The arrival of Boeing Aircraft led to North Charleston becoming a major player in the world of aircraft manufacturing. Today Boeing continues to be a significant employer in North Charleston however there are a number of other big manufacturing companies based here. These include a facility manufacturing Daimler Vans, Cummins Turbo technology and Robert Bosch GmbH. As well as employing many people in a variety of high paying roles these companies also offer apprenticeships and training allowing you to develop your skills and further your career.

Other significant employer include Global Financial Services  and a branch of the Consolidated Mail Outpatient Pharmacy.

An Active Social Scene

Fittingly for such a historic city there are a number of old buildings, museums and curiosities in the area. These include the H.L. Hunley Museum, which houses a Civil War era submarine. The Greater Charleston Naval Memorial and the North Charleston American La France Fire Museum and Educational Center are also popular attractions.

The city’s four major entertainment venues, including the popular Performing Arts Center, operate in connection with the Embassy Suites hotel. This has allowed the city to create an entertainment and cultural complex that draws major acts to the region.

North Charleston and its environs is also home to a number of county parks, beach parks, marinas and fishing piers. This means that there are plenty of places for you to take refreshing walks in the natural environment, enjoy festivals and performances or simply watch the wildlife around you.

The establishment of the Palmetto Commerce Parkway has drawn many businesses to the area as well as bringing many millions of dollars into North Charleston’s economy. This has seen the creation of many high-paying jobs in the area. This combined with the relaxed lifestyle, which can be enjoyed in charmingly historic surroundings, has made North Charleston an increasingly attractive place to live.