Jobs in Phoenix, Arizona, United States

The capital city of Arizona, Phoenix, is densely populated, a common characteristic of any state capital in the United States. The city is surrounded by mountains and wilderness areas; and features interesting sights such as Arizona Science Center, Phoenix Zoo, Heard mountain and many others. The city can be said to be a metropolitan area and it is an absolute stunner. Often called “The Valley of the sun”, Phoenix features many benefits for its residents. The climate here is amazing because the sun shines for about 10 months in a year. So, if you like a sunny and warm climate, Phoenix is the best place for you. Due to the sunny weather, solar power has been beneficial to its resident. They don’t need to spend more on electricity bills.

Employment in Phoenix

The situation of employment in this modest city has improved drastically when compared to about five years earlier. Phoenix, having a population of about 1.513 million people, is able to provide employment for a significant percentage of this number.

With a high percentage of jobs in the medical, hospitality and fitness sectors, Phoenix is a great place to achieve your career goals.  In the medical sector, various jobs both part time and full time are available to the citizens. Jobs like Physical Therapy, Fitness Navigator, Physiotherapist, Dentists and other medical-related jobs are available in the medical sector.

Due to the presence of a military base in Phoenix, the manufacturing Industry is providing lucrative jobs for the citizens. Manufacturing of equipment for the Luke Air Force base, equipment like missiles, chemicals and aircraft parts, provides great employment for technicians and scientists in Phoenix. The modern manufacturing industry sector ranks third after the hospitality and Real Estate sector.

Government jobs also constitute a significant percentage of employment because the city doubles up as both the county seat and state capital. According to a study in 2013, the Phoenix area saw a 2.7% increase in non-farm employment, from 1.758 million to 1.805 million. Increase in rate of employment and availability of job opportunities has taken place all over various sectors.