Jobs in Roswell, Georgia, United States

Nestled in Fulton County in Georgia is Roswell City which was incorporated in 1854 into Georgia’s General assembly. The residents of this city are an envy of many. Roswell is renowned for its unshakable community spirit, good neighborliness, great food and all year round festivals. Roswell has 18 amazing recreational parks. Here talent is nurtured among the youth as they engage in a wide array of sports. It is no surprise that Roswell City was ranked by CNN among the best 100 places in the US to live in, a title it carries with pride.

Growing Economy

According to Data USA, Roswell reports a significantly lower percentage of people living below the poverty line. This stands at 9.3% against a national average of 14.7%. This report further records that employment levels in Roswell grew by 2.68% in 2015. Some of the common jobs held by residents of Roswell are in Arts, Management, Sales and administration, business and sciences. Many of the city’s residents are employed in the nearby Atlanta region.

Thriving Tourism Industry

The Tourism sector in Roswell is among its key economic drivers. In 2015, a research conducted by North Star Destination Strategies indicated that tourism rakes in an average of $91 Million annually. Roswell’s irresistible charm has made it a favorite tourist destination. Some of the thrilling activities visitors are eager to explore are ghost tours, fascinating festivals, theatre performances, rich art, bicycle riding and delectable cuisines.

The city’s rich cultural heritage is preserved in the historical District. Other landmarks that attract tourists in droves include the Archibald Smith Plantation Home, Bulloch Hall, Primrose Cottage, and the Chattahoochee River National Recreational Area.

So cherished is Roswell city that it has become a favorite wedding destination.  Couples travel from far and wide to create memories in this gem of a city.

Lucrative Companies

Roswell city has its fair share of big companies who double up as the city’s biggest employers and key drivers of its economy. Such companies include Kimberly-Clark Corporation, North Fulton Regional Hospital, GM IT innovation Centre and United Parcel Service. The City of Rowel’s administration is another big employer.

Ease of Doing Business

Roswell city has an attractive economic development incentive policy whose aim is to encourage retention and possible expansion of its businesses. It also seeks to lure businesses outside the city to consider relocating. Furthermore, according to City Crime Ratings, Roswell ranks as the 18th safest city in the US. This rating is a great confidence booster to investors.