Jobs in Saint Peters, Missouri, United States

St. Peters is a small city in Missouri’s St. Charles County in greater St. Louis Area. St. Peters can be an ideal place if you are looking to raise a family or find a job in the state of Missouri. The cost of living in St. Peters is relatively lower than other cities in the region.

Similarly, the city has outstanding education and healthcare systems as well. It is only 20 minutes away from downtown St. Louis. The city offers plenty of recreational, arts and dining opportunities as well.

One of the Best Cities to Live

St. Peters have found its well-deserved place on the Money Magazine’s list of best hundred cities to live in United States. Just like rest of the greater St. Louis area and St. Charles County, St. Peter’s has powerful and growing economy. It is also home to many manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and logistics companies. Some of industry giants such as Reckitt and Benckiser, SunEdison Semiconductors, Didion Manufacturing Co and Patterson Mold and Tool Division have their offices in the city.

Similarly, some divisions of major aerospace companies such as Patriot Machine Inc., Seyer Industries Inc., LMI Aerospace Inc., American Aerospace Inc., Boeing and Global Aerospace Technical Support Inc. are also located in St. Peters.

A City with Thriving Construction Industry

The economy of St. Peters is not all about manufacturing and aerospace. It has a very productive construction industry as well which adds much more diversity to its economy. The city has seen a lot of development over the last few years.

A lot of new shopping centers, housing schemes, office buildings and manufacturing facilities have appeared on the face of St. Peters. The construction industry has managed to contribute millions to city’s economy in addition with creating numerous jobs for the residents.

A Flourishing Retail Industry

Almost 2500 businesses are registered with St. Peters Chamber of Commerce and most of them are from retail industry. The city’s retail industry caters to the need of more than 350,000 people living within a 35 miles radius. As a result, a number of big retailers such as Famous Footwear, Ross Dress for Less, Menards, Ulta Beauty, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Burlington and Academy Sports and Outdoors have launched their franchises in the city.

The economy of St. Peters is thriving and constantly growing. An increasing number of companies are heading to the city, creating more job opportunities for the locals and immigrants alike.  Therefore, it can become your next home if you are willing to shake up your CV and relocate.