Jobs in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

More than the Mormon Community: Jobs in Salt Lake City

In the Wasatch Mountains of the US state of Utah, lies Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City may be known for its Mormon background (note the Salt Lake Temple downtown), but the city is not as devout as it was before. As a resident or as a visitor of Salt Lake City, the Mormons won’t tell you to stop drinking coffee in the morning! Currently, Salt Lake City is more than just the Mormons. It has the best ski resorts in the worlds and 5 national parks. Many residents and visitors are happy with the recreational activities available to them, with Salt Lake City even hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics, including the biathlon course and bobsled track, which are both still being used. In addition, Salt Lake City hosts the widely popular Sundance Film Festival and is known for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Vivint Smart Home Arena, and the Hogle Zoo.

Salt Lake City offers residents and tourists recreational activities as well as tourist attractions. Nowadays, the job opportunities in the city are as attractive to newbies as their entertainment.

Impressive Job Growth

The city of Salt Lake has experienced an impressive growth in its job opportunities for the past couple of years. Moreover, its unemployment rate has been considerably lower than the US average. Currently, Salt Lake City is feeling an economic boom, with companies such as 3M Health Information Systems, Adobe Systems, and Microsoft moving in the area.

Good Employment

The industries in Salt Lake City with the biggest private sector employment are transportation, trade, and utilities. Nevertheless, there are also job opportunities in the fields of healthcare, education, manufacturing, finance, and construction. Besides the county and state government, the biggest employers in Salt Lake City are the University of Utah, Intermountain Healthcare, Delta Air Lines, and Novus Credit Services. Growing industries in the city are in hospitality and tourism.

Reasonable Cost of Living

A major reason why people move to Salt Lake City is its relatively cheaper cost of living, as compared to other big cities in the US. Notably, many condominiums and housing developments are being built in Salt Lake City, allowing the cost of housing to go down (even though their costs are a little bit higher than the US average).