Jobs in Sandy, Utah, United States

Sandy was first inhabited by settlers during the early 1860s and was well-known for its farming community and well-spaced homesteads. Once ore was discovered in the late 1870s, Sandy shifted its prime occupation from agriculture to mining due to the arrival of the railroad. The town was incorporated in 1893 and had a population of over 1000 residents with the town’s first mayor being — Arthur J. Cushing.

Currently, the city hosts a population of 95,836, according to the census and has plenty of urban developments outlined for the next 20 years. Much of the plan consists of making Sandy a well-connected transit-oriented city along with recreational and environment-friendly establishments.

The most visited locations in the city for tourists and residents alike are the “South Towne Exposition Center” and the “Rio Tinto Stadium”. The total land area of Sandy is 22.3-square miles and the city experiences a humid climate throughout the year.

Educational Facilities, Commute, and Recreational Centers in Sandy

Sandy’s educational school operations were entirely run by the “Jordan School District” until 2009, when the community voted for another school district to split the operations — the Canyon School District. Popular institutes include — Granite Elementary School, Oakdale Elementary School, Albion Middle School, Jordan High School, Canyons Technical Education Center and Southpoint High School.

For transportation, the Utah Transit Authority offers inter-city travel via buses through routes that are connected to the light rail stations. The TRAX light rail system operates four light rail stations that are connected to the major destinations such as Salt Lake Central Station, Draper Town Center, and South Towne Exposition Center.

Sandy has quite a few notable recreational places such as the Bells Canyon Trail which offers hiking trails and gorgeous views of waterfalls. The Storm Mountain Park is a worthwhile visit for its serene locality that is ideal for hosting barbeque parties and family picnics. For freshly harvested apples and apple cider — the Farnsworth Farms is a great choice to experience wine tasting and access to the local farmer’s market.

Job Opportunities in Sandy

Sandy is a bustling city with its own challenges to overcome for newcomers looking to kickstart their fledgling careers. Aspiring journalists can enlist at the Sandy City Journal, which is a prime newspaper that covers stories related to local news, sports, and politics.

Major employers in Sandy include — Academy Mortgage, Alliance Health, Comcast, Direct Business Lending, Simplus, Med One Group, Xerox, Infinisource, Black Turtle Services, Teleperformance, 4Life Research, Target, and Canyons School District.

The top-paying jobs in the city are — Equal Opportunity Consultant, Project Administrator, Program Specialist, Partner Relationship Manager, Business Operations Manager, Records Manager, Conservator, Corporate Trainer, Technical Support Specialist, and Education Service Officer.