Jobs in Somerville, Massachusetts, United States

Located over an area of mere 4 square miles, Somerville is a city located in the Massachusetts’s Johnson County right next to the city of Boston. It has a population of more than 70,000 people, making it the fifteenth densest city in the country as well.

Despite its small size, the city has plenty of things to offer ranging from tourist attractions to restaurants, boutiques, bars, malls and museums.  In fact, Somerville has become a Mecca for everyone who loves to enjoy an offbeat culture.

Economy of Somerville

Nowadays, the Somerville is considered as an extension and residential suburb of Boston. The city once had a flourishing meatpacking, slaughtering and automobile manufacturing industries.

Currently, the city mostly has a service based economy. It is also home to many light manufacturing companies such as Voxel8 Inc., Altaeros Energies Inc., Rogers Foam Corporation, Angelica Textiles and Peter Forge Manufacturing Co.

It is pertinent to note that Boston is one of the best places to do business in United States. Being part of the Boston Metropolitan area, Somerville also has benefited a lot from Boston’s growing economy. In this regard, the major industries in the city are tourism, high technology research, fishing, printing and publishing, education, food processing and medicine.

Tourism in the City is Flourishing

One of the most rapidly developing industries in the city is tourism. The city’s proximity to Boston further enhances city’s unique charm, making it more attractive for tourists and locals alike. There are hundreds of hotels, restaurants and cafes in and around the city.

The city offers easy access to 62 historic sites in the area as well. As compared to Boston, accommodation and food is cheaper in Somerville as well, making it a preferred destination for tourists.

An Educational Hub

Educational institutes such as Tufts University are among the largest employers in the city. Similarly, the Harvard University Medical School is also located in Somerville. There are 6 junior colleges, 6 technical schools and many colleges located in Somerville, making education an important segment of city’s economy.

Finally, fishing as well as food processing and storage are other components of Somerville’s economy. A large part of workforce is also working in printing and publishing industry.