Jobs in Stuttgart, Germany

Located equidistant from Paris and Munich on the bank of Neckar River, Stuttgart is a small city and capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg. The city lies in a forested valley popular for the production of wine. Tree covered hills surround the city from all sides. The Swabian Alps and the Black Forest are in the south and west of this extremely beautiful city respectively.

The city is a part of valley known as Stuttgart Calderon. The city features lovely historic homes and buildings climbing up the slopes. The surrounding hills with their stepped lanes are perfect for outdoor adventure and entertainment as well.

The City with Strong Industrial Base

Stuttgart has traditionally been a center of industry and commerce in southwest Germany. A number of prominent international companies have their international or European headquarters in city’s metropolitan area. Some of these companies include IMB, Hewlett Packard, Porsche and Diamler AG. Similarly, Celesio, Bosch and Sika are also based in the city.

The city of Stuttgart also hosts the Stuttgart Trade Fair, the ninth largest trade fair in the world. Thousands of business travelers visit the city to participate in Trade Fair and other business related events taking place in the city throughout the year. It is worth mentioning that the city is still home to hundreds of SMEs with connections mostly to high tech industry, automotive, engineering and electronics.

The city’s location in the center of Europe makes Stuttgart an ideal place for businesses. The city has a reputation for attracting talent and first class transport system. As a result, more and more companies are moving to this charming metropolis. There is also an assortment of smaller companies in the city which fully complement the operations of larger corporates. These companies include names like Behr Hella Services (automotive specialists), Stihl (equipment manufacturer) and Festo (automotive engineering).

Education in Stuttgart

The city of Stuttgart is home to universities and colleges like University of Hohenheim, University of Stuttgart, State University of Music and Performing Arts and Stuttgart Media University. Similarly, State Academy Fine Arts and State Technology University of Applied Sciences also have their campuses in the city. Due to presence of so many high quality education institutes, Stuttgart is one of the most educated and culturally refined cities in the Europe.

Living in Stuttgart

If you have a knack for history and historic buildings, dense forests, unique architecture and cars, perhaps you should considering moving to the Stuttgart. It is a charming little city with plenty of jobs and entertainment opportunities’ for everyone. As far as eating and drinking is concerned, no other city in Europe can come close to what Stuttgart has to offer.