Jobs in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, United States

Sun Prairie – the “Groundhog Capital of the World” is a part and the 2nd most populous city of Madison Metro Area. It’s a home of more than 32.000 residents of various ethnic and racial backgrounds.

Part of the city is located in Yahara River Valley and lies on hydric soils and in the past and has been prone to flooding. However, the city offers quite diversified job market in various economic sectors such as retail trade, finance, healthcare, administrative support, manufacturing and construction.

Sun Prairie is attractive to jobseekers not only for its job market but also the access to amenities, high quality services and a vast array of cultural venues. There are lot of places to socialize, from bars to restaurants and cafes. Brazee Lake and the city’s myriad parks offer families great opportunities for outdoor activity as well.

The Healthy Economy of Sun Prairie

The economy of Sun Prairie is diversified and offers a lot of high-paying jobs. More than 50% of the employed workforce earns above 60.000$ a year and with median household income of more than 67.000$, Sun Prairie is well above the national average in terms of affluence.

The American operations of QBE Insurance are located in Sun Prairie and other major employers include American Family Insurance and Frontier Communications. With a low unemployment rate of 3.2% and future job growth rate of more than 40.3% over the next year, predict that the demand for new employees will remain constant.

A Perfectly Beautiful Little Town

Even though the city is prone to flooding and has suffered severe damage in the 2008 Midwest floods – the city is a top destination for those jobseekers and individuals who wish to settle or raise a family in a safe and welcoming environment.

Sun Prairie is connected to Madison via US Highway 151 and is served by Sun Prairie School District in terms of primary and secondary education. The lower costs of living and housing serve as an additional attractor to jobseekers who are pondering about their next steps in their lives.