Jobs in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

Tuscaloosa is a city located in the state of Alabama. With a population of around 100,000 it is the fifth largest city in this state.

Amongst other accolades, Tuscaloosa has been named one of the most livable cities in the US, one of the 50 Best College Towns and been praised as one of the best places to launch a small business

Working in Tuscaloosa

The University of Alabama is far and away the largest employer in town, with a workforce of over 10,000. Of course, it is not just professors and lecturers employed at the university, with the vast majority of that 10,000 workforce comprising support staff across a variety of sectors such as IT and Human Resources.

Various medical facilities make up the second largest employment group comprising approximately 5,000 total workforce – again, not only comprising medical professionals but also support staff of many types.

There is a particularly strong manufacturing base in this city, with a workforce well in excess of 10,000 jobs – a high percentage for a city of this size which already has a dominant industry (education).

The Mercedes Benz plant, the first in the US, leads the way here with a workforce of over 3,600. Many smaller manufacturing companies also exist to provide parts and services for the automotive industry, tying in with the Mercedes Plant.

Unemployment currently stands (as of 2016) at 5%, so slightly higher than the national average. Job growth however stands at around 2.9% and the cost of living here is 5% lower than the national average.

Living in Tuscaloosa

As we’ve discussed above, to a certain extent Tuscaloosa is a college town. The University has an enrollment of some 36,000 students. Therefore with that number of students living in the area, a certain percentage of the recreational industry in town is going to cater to a student crowd. Bars, clubs and cheaper restaurants therefore are prevalent in certain areas, especially closer to the campus. If you’ve ever been to a college town, you’ll know what to expect! The nightlife is certainly vibrant anyway, and you’ll have no trouble partying the night away if that’s your thing.

As befits a city with a rich, if sometimes troubled history there are a wide variety of excellent museums in this city covering a range of topics from natural history to African-American struggles in the civil rights era.

A vibrant performing arts scene exists in the city, with a number of excellent theaters and concert halls playing host to a wide range of shows and musicals all year round. A number of annual festivals also take place in the city, celebrating amongst other themes local Dixie style music, the German heritage of the city founders and the culture of the Native Americans who preceded them in the area.

Sports form an important part of the cultural make up of the city – particularly collegiate sports, given the close proximity of Alabama U. For a real taste of the South, you’ll need to get yourself down to a pre-game tailgaiting party.