Jobs in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States

Along the oceanfront with miles of beaches, hotels, and restaurants stretching wide, Virginia Beach is a typical resort city. Annually, the city hosts the surfing championship, sand soccer championship, and beach soccer tournament. It is not surprising that tourism is the core center of the city’s economy. However, agriculture with over 170 farms, the military industry with 4 military bases and retail businesses with large malls also contribute immensely to the city’s economy and employment prospects.

Exciting job opportunities

Because of the strong tourist base, there are a large number of service jobs in the city. About one-third of job opportunities are provided by the wholesale and retail businesses. Jobs are also created by manufacturing industries who produce items such as furniture, power tools, recreational equipment, etc.

In the education sector, there are more opportunities for jobs in the elementary to high school categories than in the tertiary level as Virginia Beach only has two universities; Regent and Atlantic.

You should concentrate your job search in the private sector on the following top private employers: American Systems Engineering, Gold Key Resorts, Manpower, Christian Broadcasting Network, Amerigroup, UPS, etc.

In the Agriculture sector, apart from primary farming jobs such farmhand/laborers positions, there are also job opportunities in the agribusiness category. Most of the jobs in this area are under the umbrella of food processing, production, and trade. Low to high skilled persons are likely to find openings in positions such as Production Supervisor, Sales Representative, Machine Operator, Drivers, etc.

In the health sector, the registered nurses position is the most popular job opening accounting for over 12,000 jobs in Virginia Beach. However, other job positions related to medical care are also available.

Virginia Beach’s newspaper houses including The Virginia Pilot, Veer and Inside Business and other private media companies offer entry level to professional openings in positions such as Reporter, Editorial Assistant, Graphic Artist, Production Assistant, etc.

Some of the Best Places to Work in Virginia Beach

Individual reviews of best workplaces in Virginia Beach for small employer categories have indicated the following: Rose & Womble Realty was recommended for its flexible working conditions and fair compensations. Integrated Logistics 2000 stands out for its laid-back working environment and a great office location. Others include Infinitive, DJG Inc., Troika Solutions, Blue Sky Realty, etc.

For the medium employer category, Defense Point Security, Inserto Corporation, Markon Solutions, SimVentions Inc., Kinsale Insurance and Knight Point System have positive reviews as best places to work in Virginia Beach.