Jobs in Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom

A small, delightful town in Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City is a beautifully planned place that combines the amenities of active town life and the delights of the countryside. The unique planning of the city puts together aesthetically pleasing gardens of the Victorian era as well as modern facilities, making Welwyn Garden City a charming place to live in. Located approximately 32 kilometers from Kings Cross, London, Welwyn is the second such garden city in the UK founded in the 1920’s.

Job Opportunities in Welwyn Garden City

Ever since Welwyn began its journey as a garden city, it has attracted many businesses. The city today has a rather strong commercial base and takes pride in hosting many designated employment sectors. Some of the major traders of the city are Baxters, Cashbrokers, British Lead Mills, Henleys Medical Supplies Ltd, HSBC’s high security global data center, Sigma Corporation etc.

Retail chain Tesco’s head office is situated at Shire Park, which is at the north of Welwyn. Other notable companies that have offices there are Emis Professional Publishing, The Danish Bacon Company, PayPoint, VEGA Group, Xerox, Roche, Ocado and many others. As part of Hertfordshire County, Welwyn Garden City houses the county’s constabulary headquarters and its supplies and contract services center as well.

Commuting from Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn is a city of commuters. As the town is very close to London, it makes a rather convenient commuter town from where you can easily travel to office.  The A1 (M), one of the most prominent motorways of the UK passes by the city. The M25 is just a fifteen minute distance away from it. Trains go frequently to London, around two to three times in an hour. Every half an hour, trains also leave for Stevenage and to Peterborough, there are hourly trains. By train, it takes around half an hour to reach London, an hour to reach Peterborough and only about eleven minutes to reach Stevenage.