“I have to face life with a newly found passion. I must rediscover the irresistible will to learn, to live and to love.”

The above quote by Andrea Bocelli beautifully signifies the importance of finding your passion. According to some of the most successful people in the world, passion is what motivates you to pursue your dreams and succeed in life. However, finding what you actually love to do is the hardest nut to crack.

There are many reasons why you cannot find your passion. You may not be very serious about your life. Perhaps, you have too many choices but you are not obsessed with any of them. Sometimes, your passion might be right before your eyes but you are so consumed by trivial matters that you are unable to see it.

The world is evolving rapidly, making it necessary for everyone to find his passion. Gone are the days when mediocrity was acceptable. Nowadays, you need to have pizzas, personality and passion no matter whatever you do.

You can no longer confine yourself to your comfort zone and still hope to enjoy the life. This approach simply doesn’t work anymore.

Soon the time will come when you will not be able to hold any position or find any kind of success in your life if you don’t discover your passion.

Be it a sophisticated job or simplest of things you want to enjoy, it is necessary for you to discover your passion before the time runs out. Here is how you can accomplish this important mission and change your life for good.


Before you actually try to unlock your passion, you must also realize what your life truly is if you don’t have any passion. There is a common saying that a life without passion is not a life at all. If you don’t have any purpose in life then you will simply fail to dream.

As a result, you will deprive yourself of all the reasons and energy necessary to live a life your dream of. It is the passion which helps you organize and sustain your efforts. It is the passion which makes you dream. As a fact of matter, you aren’t actually living if you don’t follow any passion or don’t strive to find one.

The lack of passion is your greatest enemy when it comes to your personal and professional development as well. Without any passion, you are not going to achieve your lofty goals. Without passion, you are not going to give up your bad habits. Without passion, your career will not take off. Without passion, you will simply live your days without doing anything special for yourself, your family and your loved ones.

In simple words, your life is meaningless without passion. Passion entices you to work hard and prove your naysayers wrong. It is your purpose in life, your ultimate goals and your passion which drive you to attain the impossible. If you don’t have any purpose, you will just be another mediocre human being, nothing more. If you don’t have passion, you are not going to make any effort at all and your life will go to ruins.


Different people interpret passion differently. To some, it is finding their dream job while for others, it is doing some fulfilling volunteer work or following an entertaining hobby. Yet, there are some which follow their passion to power a totally different life than they are actually living. Regardless of the definition, some people simply can’t discover their passion at all and following lines explain why.

They Never Try

First and foremost, these people never try to change their circumstances and move towards a more fulfilling life. Therefore, there is no point of having any passion, let alone striving for it.

To these people, passion is not a worthy goal to attain or a dream to pursue. These people are content with their current lifestyle even if they are not happy about it.

Passion is too Unrealistic for them

Some people simply consider passion as an utter waste of time and too indulgent. Perhaps these people are more concerned about general seriousness in life.

They care more about a general sense of responsibility, power and money. They don’t actually want to introduce purpose and happiness in their life.

They Live a Busy Life

Some people are so busy that they don’t want to add further stress to their life. They don’t have time to do something different because their life is already too cluttered, complicated and busy. They don’t give a dime about passion that can actually bring balance and happiness to their otherwise sorry lives.

They Want to Feel Passion

These are the people who want to feel passion without doing anything. You need to remember that feelings are an outcome of experiences and passion is no different. In simple words, you cannot be passionate about anything if you don’t practically or physically experience it.

For instance, you cannot like any actor without watching any of his movies. You cannot be passionate about painting if you have never drawn anything in your life.

They Lack Creativity

People who manage to find their passion are mostly creative. They create different sort of things such as a job for themselves, career opportunities for others, a piece of art for public or simple a community group to serve underprivileged.

On the other hand, people who are still searching for passion lack the creative spark. They can’t think out of box and bring some uniqueness and interest in their life.


You are not alone in the world if you are still in the process of discovering you passion. Similarly, you are not the only one who thinks he does not have any passion.

All the human beings in this world have some purpose to serve. All of us have some sort of passion or talent. Some people manage to find it early in their life while others linger on and on. In this regard, following are some tips that can help you discover you passion at the earliest.

Indulge in Activities that Make You Happy

You should immerse in activities and do things which bring you joy. Start with only one thing you are most happy to do and give yourself enough time to get the results.

For instance, spend some time roaming around your city or country if you love to travel. Whatever you do, you will ultimately find out about other things you are actually passionate about.

Ask for Help and Suggestions

You can put your quest for your passion on the right track by asking for suggestions and help. In this regard, members of your family, friends and colleagues are in the best position to advise you about what you need to do in your life.

They actually know too much about you and the areas you are good at. They can help you see things that you can’t see at your own. Their suggestions can be very valuable and can greatly help you discover your real purpose in life.

Focus on Your Ultimate Goals

It is necessary for you to keep your ultimate goal in mind. You need to focus on things you actually want to happen. Similarly, keep your goals and objectives flexible. There is no need to be logical while pursuing your passion.

If you are unable to attain a certain goal, think about what else is possible. Go after everything that excites you and may become your next interest. This particular approach will enable you to clear all the hindrances and get pass everything that is standing between you and your passion.

Follow Your Curiosities

If you want your life to have some purpose, you must follow your curiosities. Curiosity is something which enables someone to learn more about things which are not quite obvious to him. These may be your less obvious interests or something you never have experienced in your life before.

Following your curiosity is also important because it encourages you to nurture your interests, motivations and passions which separate you from the rest. Being curious means you are on the path of uncovering who you really are and what you want to achieve in the long run.

Things You are Jealous about Other People

People around you must do certain things which are really annoying to you. There could be many reasons behind that annoyance and you need to recognize them. Perhaps you want to do those things yourself.

Similarly, you want be where other people are in their life and career. Follow these people closely and figure out how they do things you so desperately want to do. Finally, try to copy them and you might be able to unlock your passion someday.

Keep Trying New Things

You must not stick to one or two activities but keep on trying different things. You will actually be surprised to learn how good you are at so many things. But – you will never know if you don’t experiment with your life.

You need to build courage to deviate from monotonous routine and do something new, something extraordinary. Keep yourself reminding that you are a tough character with excellent abilities to learn, develop and grow.


Whether you realize it or not, you have come to this world to serve a noble purpose and it is about time you find it. Once you realize that you do have a purpose; nothing will be able to stop you. However, before you become totally unstoppable and invincible, you need to understand what you are getting into. You have to find your passion before you can follow it.

If you have no idea what to do, following are six fresh ways to learn which path you and your life can take. Take all the time in the world to ponder over these tips. Always remember that if you remain persistent, you will ultimately get to where you want to be no matter what happens.

Recall Things You Love to do when You were a Child

If you are not exactly sure where to start, you need not to worry. There are many things you can think about such as the things you love to do when you were just a kid. Children take interest in different things ranging from toys to cartoons, sports, study, reading books, playing with blocks and even traveling. You need to recall things that excited you the most in your childhood. Furthermore, try to determine which one of those activities you still enjoy.

There is definitely something in your past you are still obsessed with. You can possibly translate that obsession into your passion. Experiment with different things and you are guaranteed to succeed.

Start Right from the Bottom

If you are still struggling to find your passion or purpose, it is time to totally reset your life. You need to start right from the bottom and gradually move upward with the passage of time. You need to start over and clear your mind of clutter, negative thoughts and everything which isn’t allowing you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and realization. You need to remember that it is a long and perilous journey which takes time, courage and determination to complete.

You can take all the help from people and experiences that have already affected your life and have the capacity to affect it in the future. Make a list of all the people you have met, places you have visited and events that have occurred in your life. Similarly, recall all of your achievements and failures and use them as a lesson. Write down how they affected your life and how you can learn from them to discover your passion and life’s goal.

Have Belief in Your Abilities

If you don’t believe in yourself and the notion that you can actually attain your life goal, you are never going to attain your life goal. If you want to achieve anything in your life, you need to have stern belief that it is possible. If you want to live your passion, you need to cultivate belief and there are many ways to accomplish this mini mission.

Try to reinforce your abilities by reading motivational books, texts and messages. Similarly, remain in the company of people who encourage you to go after your dreams. Visualize things that excite you and you actually feel happy doing them. All these things will further strengthen your beliefs and help you connect with your passion.

Find Inspiration

You may have some idea about what you want to do with your life but you are too afraid to venture into something new and unknown. On the other hand, you might have a clear idea about your life’s goal such as becoming an actor or a writer but it is really hard to get into it.

Similarly, you might be making too big a switch such as from being a housewife to an adventurer who wants to travel around the world. You need to actually find inspiration from somewhere to set aside all your fears and develop the confidence to build a life you love to live.

There is nothing wrong in saying that finding inspiration is absolutely necessary when it comes to unlocking your true potential and passion. It is also a fact that not many of your friends and members of family don’t really live their passion.

Therefore, you need to expand your circle and find people who actually do follow their passion. Associate yourself with people who are a bright example in their respective fields and try to follow their footsteps.

Don’t Let Your Fears Overwhelm You

You must not let your fears overwhelm you when you are questing for your passion. If fear manages to dominate you during your journey, you will never be able to learn about what you are most happy about and what you are capable of. Thomas Jefferson once said:

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.”

However, you cannot really act if you don’t let go your fears. It is always sensible to think about fears like vulnerability, visibility, success and failure. These fears instruct us to play safe and avoid doing things with uncertain outcomes.

But – you will never be able to grasp your passion if you pay heed to these fears and voices. On the other hand, give yourself a chance to succeed by leaping into the oblivion where nothing is certain. Unless you try, you will never learn what you can achieve in your life.

Don’t Follow the Dreams of Others

This might sound harsh but this is the approach you need to adopt if you want to discover your own passion and purpose in this world. In simple words, do not always try to please your parents, friends, relatives and colleagues.

As Robert Ballard once said, “Follow your own passion—not your parents’, not your teachers’—yours.”

You have to follow Robert Ballard if you wish to live your own dreams. Sometimes, fulfilling other’s desires and wishes can take heavy toll on your life and also the career. Therefore, don’t do things which they want to do. Do things which come easily to you and you are most passionate about.

As you are an independent, confident and mature person, you don’t need anybody’s approval by doing things that you actually hate to do. Try to find out activities and things which are intrinsically motivating for you. This will allow you to live a life which is not only satisfying for you but thoroughly enjoyable as well. You also need to handle your doubts and dismissals even before your attempt to embark on your new journey.


Different people take different paths to find their passions. These paths are as different and varied as the people themselves. The process which has led someone to his passion might yield totally different results for you.

However, anything can tick for you and help you unlock your passion. You just need to be persistent and determined and doors will keep on opening for you.

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