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12 Signs You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

It was Monday, the weekend was over. This was the big day. Cindy’s big day. Her day to shine. It was …

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Depression: Symptoms, Reasons, Self-Test, Therapy

Depression is a condition which starts by causing mood disorders and changes in your thinking, …

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The Cycle of Abuse: Definition, Explained, Examples

The general definition of abuse is misuse. This is why we talk of abuse of office and power. It is …

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8 Common Signs of Verbal Abuse (and How to Stay Healthy and Sane)

There are different forms of abuse that you may experience. Some are easily evident like in the case …

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40 Employability Skills for a Successful Long-Term Career

What will get you hired? What skills will make you a valuable employee? Which character traits will …

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How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

If any time soon you are having a job interview, then this post is for you – as it will show you how …

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How to Use Mock Interviews to Practice Interviewing

Before walking into an actual job interview, you want to ensure that your behavior, answers and …

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Second Job Interview Questions and Answers

“Congratulations! The job is yours”. That is a something you hope to hear after completing a job …

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Personal Goal Setting – How to Set SMART Goals

Life can be chaotic. Striving to work, to get recognition, to take on as many responsibilities as …

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