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      Amr Awadallah,
      Co-Founder & CTO of Clouders

      When I co-founded Cloudera, I would have found it very useful to have access to Cleverism. Starting a company is very hard, and only a small number of startups are able to grow and become successful big companies. Cleverism provides actionable guides on how to start and grow a business, these guides are definitely very helpful in improving the probability of creating a business success. I am also a big believer in learning from other people's lessons/mistakes, so the interviews Cleverism does with leading entrepreneurs are super helpful from that perspective

      Al Lieb,
      Co-Founder of ClearSlide

      I like Cleverism's focus on insightful and practical advice for entrepreneurs - they get right to the point with real, actionable tools and advice that you can make use of quickly. I'm excited to see the new set of tools they are working on; I think the recruiting tools will be killer for both founders and employees