Influencers indeed have a significant influence over marketing.

It’s such an obvious statement, but are we actually aware of how have the influencers changed the marketing strategy?

How are things on the micro and macro level?


Do you actually know what influencer marketing is?

When businesses sell their products and services by promoting themselves using those who have an impact over what people buy, that’s influencer marketing!

Don’t let this definition freak you out, as things are quite simple.

Here comes a practical example:

Let’s say your business is related to selling make-up, for example.

You have a quality content on your website, good products to offer, but still cannot rank well, because the competition is very high.

If you are more than positive that what you are offering is of top quality and it deserves attention, what you have to do is…

… try to reach for Kim Kardashian to promote your page and products! Okay, this may be a silly example, but you do get the point, right?

People use the “power” or someone who is already an established name to have their products and services promoted.

When we say established, it’s not necessary a celebrity we aim at.

Micro VS Macro Influencers

We came to the point where one should know the difference between these two.

Micro influencers are those who are active social media users but with a moderate number of followers. Let’s say less than 10k.

They post about certain products not because someone paid them to do so, but because they personally love them.

For example, if one is a book lover, he/she may have a page dedicated to books where one promotes and sells them, without any publishers paying them to do so.

Some people like to make a parallel between micro influencers and old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

As for the macro influencers, they are the BIG fish in the marketing industry.

They have a whole army of followers, more than 10k, and they are celebrities at their finest.

However, when we say celebrities here, it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is an actor, singer and similar.

By celebrity, we mean someone who is well-known on social media platforms and in the real world.

These macro influencers are paid to promote certain products and brands.

Companies use the established name of those influencers to get access to the audience who is already engaged.

Before we get down to marketing tips and tricks…

… let us see WHAT does it take for a person to have a good business?

The beginning of all beginnings is a good idea. Some people have many of them on their mind, while some of them get stuck with a single without being able to think of alternatives.

Use Google to expand your ideas, see what is related to those ideas you already have and make a good plan.

Remember that high quality is what defines someone as good, and people can make a difference.

A good plan means writing down all the important aspects that are part of any business.

Find the business idea and research the market to see what the potential chances for you to succeed are.

Then, let us not forget the budget, as nothing can be done without money.

It doesn’t have to be all your life savings but defines how much are you ready to spend to start up some business.

Make sure you are reasonable and cautious with money; don’t let it slip you just like that.

And the last but not the least important – marketing!

Think of the ways to promote your business and reach your audience.

As we are about to discuss this one widely, no need to give some small hints.


You are probably pretty much aware that social media are getting more and more present in everybody’s life.

It’s not just a matter of connecting with friend and family worldwide or posting funny content, it’s far more than that.

Whereas the initial idea was to make both people and content more available to each other, social media nowadays have many other purposes.

People use them to promote their business, to share their creative ideas and thoughts, to reach to people who are all over the world.

As with any other fields, social media platforms have good and bad sides. But we shall put a focus on the advantages this time, as that’s what matters to us.

Thinking about WHY social media platforms are so powerful when used for marketing purposes

There are really numerous reasons. This is just a small recap:

  • It’s much easier to reach and target the audience.
  • You can provide various content at the same time in the same place.
  • You can have a direct insight by reading numerous comments and reviews people leave.
  • Social media marketing is free if you do it yourself.
  • There are no limits when it comes to a number of platforms one can use.

Of course, there are many more, but we hope that listing a few of them is more than enough to show you what we aim at.

The whole point is that back then, marketing options were significantly limited to few mediums such as TV, radio or newspaper and magazines.

Besides all of them, one has an entire online universe available. However, the trick is to know how to use them wisely and correctly. Otherwise, one will end up with more problems than benefits.

If you want to take our advice, the key in successful advertising is making the balance.

You don’t have to use all the platforms you can think of, but definitely more than one is mandatory if you seriously consider social media and influencer marketing.

Some people see it as a sad fact, while others find it utterly positive, but it is a fact that people spend a lot of time in the online world.

Some of them seem to have been extinct out of the real one, as they spend all of their time online.

Whichever is the case, people realized that it’s the best way to advertise themselves, business etc.

For that reason, one must offer quality and diverse content, a combination of articles, pictures, and videos where all the aspects will be taken into consideration.

Even though the market seems overcrowded, people can still feel the difference.


When one is interested in using this type of promotion here’s WHAT you should do!

The main advantage of micro-influencers promotion is in their affordability.

You can have your products and services promoted at a fairly reasonable price.

Those with an average number of followers charge less per post. As the number of followers grows, the price jumps up as well.

Another good thing about micro influencers is that they are more or less common people, like any of us. They are typical consumers of those products and services they advertise.

That’s what makes them so trustworthy in the eyes of potential consumers.

People feel that they can connect with them.

They feel that micro influencers are sharing their truly personal experience with them, which is why they trust them. The more trust the better the sale of products or services advertised.

Even though many say that this type of marketing reminds a lot on the old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, that’s a huge advantage actually.

Having in mind all the things from the previous paragraph, you will easily connect and realize what the secret of successful micro influencer marketing is.

Perhaps the only downside of this type of marketing would be that you may not reach as many people as you could with a macro influencer.

However, sometimes it’s better to have a smaller group of your consumers which will expand and grow as they gain trust in you and the micro influencer of your choice.


As said, the biggest advantage of this type of influencers is their commonness.

People will see them as some family member, a friend, which is why they will trust them, sometimes even without questioning.

They build a connection on mutual interests and preferences, and that’s certainly a strong and quite natural one.

Here’s WHAT you have to do if you want your business to be a success:

  • Reminiscing the good old days when people would sit and share each other stories, use the power of a good story. People strive for hearing personal, devouring stories because they connect to them.
  • Make your business last long, turn it into an on-going campaign. Let the influencer share posts on daily basis, preferably with pictures. That way people will see how good and reliable your products and services are since an influencer is using them constantly.
  • Your own followers, if satisfied by what you have to offer can be your own army of influencers. Get them to spread the word and it will work like a magic.


Now, do we really have to explain where the true power of a macro influencer is?

With that being self-explanatory, the only thing we could discuss here are downsides.

Yeah, there are those as well.

Costs, as the mainly visible ones, are truly high.

Even when someone has top-quality services and products to offer, there’s simply no budget to support that.

One would say that it’s worth investing, but sometimes it’s much more than just a desire.

For one starting a smaller business, these costs are even beyond imagination.

If you want to get a hint of what we’re aiming at, just have a look at some social media platforms of macro influencers.

You will see that companies are ready to pay a fortune to get a celeb advertising their products and services.


It’s not just a matter of picking any celeb to have your business advertised and better ranked, but picking the right celeb!

It’s may sound silly, but even though a celeb is already powerful by him/herself, still people need to feel some sort of connection between an influencer and that business.

People are not stupid and even though colourful and engaging marketing tips and tricks can seduce many of them, people make the difference.

If consumers feel that the promotion has a huge dose of artificiality in it, they won’t buy or use those products and services.

Even though celebs are powerful, there still has to be a certain dose of some commonality and a true relationship in there.

Here’s WHAT you have to do if this is a marketing method of your choice:

  • As already said, if you want people to feel that you want to offer them something of the best quality, there has to be a connection between you and the micro influencer of your choice. Celebs bring a broad spectrum of audience, which can sometimes be counter-productive. Make sure you target your audience well.
  • Before you just rush into spending all the money you have on hiring a celeb for marketing purposes, ask yourself what is the message you are trying to send to your consumers by picking a certain celebrity to promote your products and services. Make sure you don’t bother a celeb with lots of instructions but try to give just a slight hint what your idea is.


Now, let’s take a brief look from their side when it comes to pricing models.

There are few different ways how influencers make money.

Some of them use only one method, while the other combine, that’s an entirely up to influencer.

Here are the payment methods:

  • Some influencers get paid per post or video. By this we mean content which is published on any social media platform, be it an article, post, a pic, tweet, comment or whatever else.
  • There’s also a method where influencers get paid per engagement. During that period, they use marketing methods of their choice or those suggested by business owners. They are paid for the actual number or retweets, likes, shares etc. The more the merrier is the logic.
  • A method where they get paid per click is when consumers act based on the content presented by an influencer.
  • A cost per acquisition is when an influencer earns money based on the number of sales they’ve done.
  • And, finally, some influencers don’t want money. They are “paid” in products or services offered by those who they advertise.

As said, each influencer will choose the preferred method. They can be combined, and in the end, it’s all up to a final decision and agreement made by two of them.


As already said, people are capable of making the difference between artificial marketing compared to the one that looks natural.

Some consumers already have the idea what they want, while the others want someone to help them make up their mind.

That’s where quality marketing plays an important role.

There are many different types of research and data on this subject, here are just some of them:

  • Influencers can generate up to 11x the ROI of traditional marketing.
  • 94% of businesses which use influencer marketing see it as an effective practice.
  • Those who want to raise brand awareness mainly opt for macro influencers.
  • People trust recommendations much more than they trust ads.
  • The more the followers the bigger level of consumer’s engagement

We have chosen just some of the hottest conclusions, there are many more which point out the importance of both types of marketing.


One sees this as the easiest decision to make, while the other cannot make up their mind so easily.

As this is an entirely personal decision, each of us will have different reasons for choosing or not choosing a certain type of marketing.

Micro influencers have a special relationship with their audience, they are authentic, and they don’t cost a fortune.

Moreover, they are far easier to reach and connect to.

On the other hand, macro influencers are a costlier option but they have a bigger army of followers, which leads to your business being promoted to a huger audience.

Whichever suits you the best, it’s entirely up to you to decide, but you need to have in mind is…

…that YOUR IDEA matters the most. It has to be something interesting, good, engaging; something that will make people realize your business is worth their attention.

So, be brave to give it a try, you never know what new day brings!

The Influencer Marketing Revolution: Macro Versus Micro Influencers

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