Director HR Business Partner

The Director HR Business Partner is the head of the HR Business Partner department. In this position, he oversees the functions of the junior departments and ensures that all programs and procedures adopted stay aligned with the business’s values. He collaborates with the business’s leaders, executives, and guides the spearheads with the development of HR strategies and approaches to attract, develop, and retain talent in the business.

The Director HR Business Partner has a mix of strong business acumen, organization development, and human resources expertise coupled with consulting skills required to aid in guidance and development of human resources functions within the business.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Director HR Business Partner

Leadership/Supervisory Role: The Director HR Business Partner is primarily tasked with the leadership of the HR Business Partner department. In this position, Director HR Business Partner is responsible for evaluating the performance of individual departmental members, enabling, and encouraging performance improvement where possible.

The Director HR Business Partner additionally ensures that key members in the HR Business Partner department are equipped with the right skills, tools, and talents necessary for executing their duties. He maintains a full perspective of the business at all times, placing emphasis on employee relations, policies, and people management procedures in application across the business.

In his leadership position the Director HR Business Partner partners with other HR directors as well as with senior HR leadership in the deliberation and establishment of both short and long-term departmental strategies.

The Director HR Business Partner additionally approves and leads the business’s design, and change of management projects initiated by the HR Business Partner department with a view of creating speed and efficiency across the business, which will in turn support rapidly shifting business demands. The Director HR Business Partner, using his experience, also guides the HR Business Partner department in defining labor culture targets in order to realize measurable business impact.

This is inclusive of identification of high-impact leadership practices within various department of the business. Besides his leadership duties, the Director HR Business Partner also plays a mentorship role to key HR Business Partner personnel, ensuring constant professional growth, and ingraining the departmental culture, essentially readying them for the occupation of his position in the future.

Strategy: The Director HR Business Partner plays a leading strategic role where he approves strategic proposals from junior management while also taking initiative to develop and drive people management strategies that promote an environment where all employees feel valued and respected. The Director HR Business Partner also ensures that all strategies implemented are aligned with the overall business priorities and goals.

It is also the responsibility of the Director HR Business Partner to ensure that there is consistent application, implementation, and improvement of approved strategies at all levels and departments within the business.

Support: The Director HR Business Partner serves as a coach and consultant to the business’s departmental heads and managers as well as other employees on key organizational and management matters. He coaches these business leaders on HR policies and processes, inclusive of talent planning, development, state legislature, and performance management in order to promote a culture of continuous growth and development in the business.

Collaboration: The role of the Director HR Business Partner is also a highly collaborative one where he collaborates with both junior and senior HR Business Partner management in developing and executing a lifecycle approach to people management focused on forecasting, staffing, development, on-boarding, performance management, retention, succession planning, talent movement, and leveraging workforce insights and analytics.

The Director also works closely with workers’ unions, where he gathers industry best practices, trends, and the latest state legislature. He additionally works with stakeholders and business partners in ensuring the implementation of best practices and compliance to legislation at all times.

Analytics: The Director HR Business Partner plays a major analytical role where he leverages workforce insights and analytics in order to focus the business’s leaders on relevant people management issues while assessing potential strategies and solutions. In this capacity, the Director HR Business Partner also conducts research and data analytics that identify talent gaps, assesses organizational performance, and proposes solutions that are in support of the business and that are in promotion of ongoing talent, development plans, and succession.

In this position, the Director HR Business Partner also draws strategic reports and recommendations from his findings meant for senior HR management, departmental heads and management, stakeholders, and business partners.

Knowledge and Opportunity/Recruitment: The Director HR Business Partner is also tasked with maintaining a superior level of technical HR skill, knowledge, and expertise, inclusive of legal knowledge and the latest trends and best practices. The Director HR Business Partner works to ensure that he understands industry and business factors that shape how HR strategies are developed, implemented, and sustained; in addition to maintaining an understanding of the business, market influencers, and finances in order to add onto his personal credibility and ability to influence leadership and management and to add value to the business’s bottom line.

Other Duties: The Director HR Business Partner will also perform other similar duties as he deems fit for the proper execution of his duties and duties delegated by the Chief Human Resources Officer or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Director HR Business Partner

Education: The Director HR Business Partner must have a master’s degree (Phd preferred) in Human Resources, Psychology, Business or any other related field. He must also have an appropriate people management qualification such as CIPD, SPHR, and PHR.

Experience: A candidate for this position must have had at least 7 years of work experience working preferably as a Senior HR Business Partner. The candidate will have vast experience in organization development, human resources, training, and talent planning field. The candidate will also have a proven and successful ability to build, lead, and integrate effective and lasting people management programs within a business.

A suitable candidate will also demonstrate successful experience building awareness on key organizational issues and presenting a relevant solution, guide departmental heads, management, and stakeholders through a collaborative and shared decision making process. A suitable candidate will also have had experience working with change management principles, tools, and methodologies.

Communication Skills: Communication skills, both in verbal and written form are a must have for this position. As the head of the HR Business Partner department the conveyance of information and instruction down the line must be clear and concise in order to ensure efficient and effective execution of duties by the junior personnel and to guarantee high-performance levels by the department as a whole.

Communication skills will also be necessary in his interactions with departmental heads and managers, stakeholders, and business partners, which will guarantee proper implementation of various management strategies and procedures that, will ultimately lead to improved business performance.

The Director HR Business Partner will also be required to draw regular reports, presentation, and recommendations for an array of audiences, which must be clear, concise, and unambiguous in order to be effective. He must, therefore, also be capable of tailoring messages uniquely for each audience in a manner that the audience can relate to and easily understand.

Ms Office: A candidate for this position must demonstrate proficiency in the use of Ms Word, Ms Excel, and PowerPoint, necessary for the creation of both visually and verbally engaging materials, reports, presentations, and proposals for departmental heads and management, senior and junior management, stakeholders, and business partners.

Analytical Skills: The Director HR Business Partner must also be capable of leveraging HR metrics, drawing insights from plain data and information, which will enable informed decision making, management strategy formulation, and policy formulation. He must also be able to conduct performance analyses on existent strategies, procedures, and policies, identifying areas for improvement and developing actionable and sustainable solutions where needed.

Interpersonal Skills: A candidate for this position must be consumer-oriented, helpful and service-oriented, flexible and open to change, and highly organized and demonstrate strong work ethic. He must also have an ability to work on multiple simultaneous projects and meet tight deadlines, be a creative and strategic thinker, work comfortably in group settings, be proactive and go beyond the call of duty, and have an ability to remain calm under pressure and in times of uncertainty, inspiring the same in his team.

Leadership/People Skills: A Director HR Business Partner has to possess exceptional leadership skills, demonstrating an ability to move a group with a unified vision and common objective, and in a common direction. He must have and an ability to convince others into following in his direction and possess an ability to build and maintain strong, trusting, and long-term relationships with others.

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