Head of Product Management

The Head of Product Management leads the Product Management team with a focus on enhancing the definition and growth of the product in its market. The Head of Product Management is the primary driver of the group’s vision; overseeing the development and management of the product’s roadmap based on the adopted strategies and vision.

As you may have predicted, the role of the Head of Product Management is inherently cross-functional. This position requires that a person closely work with the engineering, design, marketing, sales, and other departments.

The role of Head of Product Management demands that the individual in its occupation be a highly analytical individual who is able to work quite effectively in a matrix environment. The position also requires that the occupier be adept at synthesizing various technologies and capabilities into the business’s products in such a way that the consumers will love.

Objectives and Responsibilities of the Head of Product Management

Supervisory Role: The Head of Product Management oversees the roles of juniors in the product management department, that is the; Junior Product Manager, Product Manager, and Senior Product Manager.  The Head of Product Management constantly ensures that the functions of these positions are properly and effectively being executed.

Innovation: The Head of Product Management is also tasked with overseeing the innovation and improvement of the business’s product as well as the day-to-day product activities in such a way that ensures that the product is constantly growing to suit the consumers’ needs. The Head of Product Management further ensures that necessary steps are being taken to make any modifications that are being made in the product or strategy in order to bring out the best results for the business.

At this capacity, the Head of Product Management is essentially responsible for identifying opportunities that lead to the growth of the product through innovation while still maintaining the fundamental business goals/priorities.

Collaboration: As mentioned, the position of Head of Product Management is of cross-functional nature and this implies a high level of collaboration with different departments and different levels. The Head of Product Management partners up with other product departmental leaders in order to align and execute product strategies and ensure that each department receives the right level of support due from its colleagues.

The Head of Product Management also works very closely with the engineering department, design, sales, marketing, and other departments to deliver the business’s product into the market.

Recruitment: The Head of Product Management also plays a pivotal role in the recruitment of new personnel of the product management department. The role is primarily played by the Senior Product Manager. However, the Head of Product Management is required to approve the candidates forwarded by the Senior Product Management after interviews have been conducted and suitable individuals shortlisted.

After the recruits have been approved and absorbed in to the department, the Head of Product Management then acts in managing and providing guidance to these personnel in order to ensure achievement of the product’s vision and strategy.

Product/Market Evaluation: The Head of Product Management is also responsible for spearheading investigation and analyses on the product and the product market. The Head of Product Management is then expected to process this information, identify opportunities, and present these to the Director of Product Management for initial validation and testing.

This information ultimately serves to influence the business’s product strategy and ensures that the business makes informed and beneficial decisions when presented to the Director of Product Management and subsequently to the stakeholders.

Problem Resolution: The Head of Product Management, due to his experience, is additionally tasked with the identification of issues in the strategies developed by the junior product management. Apart from identification, it is his responsibility to resolve these strategic issues, which potentially impair the whole department’s ability to meet the product’s financial, strategic, and technical goals.

Other Duties: The Head of Product Management also performs other duties as required by the Director of Product Management or the Employer.

Required Qualifications of the Head of Product Management

Education: A suitable candidate will have a master’s degree in Business Administration, Economics, Finance, Engineering, Computer Science, or an equivalent in working experience.

Experience: The candidate must have 10-12 years of experience in product management or project management in complex/matrix environments. Preferably; this experience will be inclusive of at least 5 years experience in the field of Economics.

Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills are a must for this position. The position is a supervisory position and communication must be effective down the line in order to ensure the proper execution of the roles/functions in all junior positions.

Additionally, the Head of Product Management is expected to collaborate with other product departmental heads in the performance of their intertwining duties. The Head of Product Management will also be required to regularly make presentations to the Director of Product Management as well as Stakeholders. In both these two cases, communication skills are an absolute necessity for effective conveyance of information.

Leadership/People Skills: As the Head of the Product Management Department, a good candidate will demonstrate strong leadership skills with an ability to move his peers as well as his juniors and have them follow a common vision. Great leadership should further be coupled with excellent people skills. People skills are what will makes people want to follow him and readily and happily apply his directives; hence improving the cohesion and functionality of the Product Management department.

Analytical Skills: The Head of Product Management should also demonstrate a high level of analytical and quantitative skills. He should possess the ability to use information/data and various metrics to develop an informed and factual business case. The Head of Product Management also has to have strong financial analytical capabilities that are used to further develop informed product strategies, which subsequently improves product performance.

Integrity and Vision: As the Head of the Product Management, it is necessary that he be a visionary who is future-oriented. A suitable candidate will also be a person of high integrity, consistent in their work, and who has clear and visible set values; he also demonstrates calmness under pressure in order to effectively lead the product management team even in times of uncertainty.

Ms Office: The Head of Product Management must be proficient in Ms Word and the Ms Excel analytical tools. He must also demonstrate expertise in the use of PowerPoint in order to create engaging content for presentations that he is required to deliver to other departmental heads, the Director of Product Management, as well as stakeholders.


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