The twenty first century has created tremendous business opportunities as a result of the technological and communication advances that have enhanced human lifestyle. However, the presence of social and technological changes means that companies can no longer rely on the traditional business strategies for growth. Customer engagement is now being perceived as being important for the long-term survival of the organization.


Customer engagement is concerned with helping businesses to achieve customer conversions in the long term. It applies a strategic context that is based on understanding the needs of the customers and industry trends in order to implement efficient business strategies.  The primary aim of customer engagement is to foster customer loyalty and attract new customers through word-of-mouth marketing strategies. The fundamental changes in technology and communication have helped companies to use online methods for implementing customer engagement. The use of interactive strategies helps the company to create direct and long-term relationships with the customer segments.

Need for Customer Engagement

Customer engagement has become an important driver of business strategies because of the fragmented nature of the media. The advent of new media technologies has meant that companies must be able to design innovative and viable business strategies in order to attain sustained competitive advantage. In addition, there have been reduced barriers to entry for emerging companies which means that there are chances of decreased brand loyalty among customer segments. Customer engagement has become an important strategy in retaining a loyal customer base and developing long-term competitive advantage.

Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement

Companies can increase customer engagement by providing real-time benefits to their customer segments. The benefits are that customers will remain loyal and dedicated while they will spread the benefits of the products and services offered by the company. Another strategy is to leverage the power of social media by fostering brand loyalty and creating a long term customer engagement strategy. Companies need to use real-time data in order to analyze changing market and customer trends. The data acquired can be used for creating a viable and innovative customer engagement strategy.

Customer engagement is vital for the success of business organizations as they must be able to identify the needs of the customer segments. The companies need to ensure that their branding strategies will be able to promote brand loyalty and image among the customer base. Customer engagement must now become part of the strategic business framework.