Google Analytics is one of the biggest web analytics tools available today. It was developed by Google and it offers statistical data about website – traffic, path, visits etc. It has the ability to track visitors from various sources: search engines, social media, direct visits, visits from ads, visits from email.

Practical usage

What does that practically mean? Here are some examples of what can be measured with Google Analytics:

  1. Which strategy brings the most visitors
  2. How many of them continue to visit regularly
  3. Is the visitor on a website for the first time or not
  4. Which of them came to the website by entering certain keywords into search engine
  5. Which of them saw an ad and clicked on it
  6. What page of the website is the most visited
  7. What is the path people use to go through the website
  8. What is the last page they visit before they leave the website

The benefit a company can have from using Google Analytics is obvious. Useful data can be collected in marketing field, content developing field, and business strategy field. All the information can be used if a person knows how.

Google Analytics for mobile

Google Analytics offers collecting and measuring data gathered from smartphone apps and mobile websites. With the growth of mobile users, tracking their online behavior has become very important for any serious business owner. In some cases analyzing mobile visitors can gather important data. Smartphone apps are similar but not the same as regular websites. People have different habits with those two categories, and comparing the data gathered from mobile and desktop can be helpful. It can show if the mobile app or website is user friendly, which one do visitors prefer and why, how long do they stay.

Mobile app analytics can help a company get new customers, remain the existing ones, target the market properly, promote business related events, inform the company about sales, and so on.

Google Analytics and social media

Social media have become a powerful tool in online marketing field. Social media marketing is an important step in promoting a business, and using Google Analytics can help a company see if there are actual benefits from it. Analyzing the number of clicks on a social media ad and behavior of those visitors can tell if the market is properly targeted, if people enjoy the website, share it with their friends or they just give up after one visit.