The Law of attraction is the law of the universe. Although it has come to prominence for the modern generation since 2006, following the release of the book ‘The Secret’, it has existed and has been preached for decades or perhaps even centuries. The Law of Attraction talks about thoughts and the universe, about how they are both manifestations of energy and how they affect each other.

What is the underlying ideology?

That we are who we think we should be. According to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts attract a response from the Universe. The answer that comes our way from the universe depends on what kind of ideas we sent the other way. If we indulge in positive thinking, the universe reciprocates with positive results. Likewise, negative thoughts bring negativity to our life.

However, it must be noted that only thinking doesn’t get us anywhere. Action needs to accompany thought. The Law of Attraction teaches us to not fret about the effects that our circle and environment have on us, instead just focus on becoming a better version of ourselves and in doing so create such an impact that no negativity from the surroundings permeates to our existence.

We must not expect things to change, rather we should change ourselves to achieve what we want in our life. The Law of Attraction puts a lot of importance on focus. We get in life what we focus our thoughts on. If we focus on worry, which is inherently harmful, we send a negative signal to the Universe. If we hope and visualize positively, we send a positive message and thus attract positivity to our lives. That on which we focus grows in our lives.

How to implement the Law of Attraction in our lives?

  • Positive thought is important: enough emphasis can’t be put on the effect of positive thoughts.
  • Don’t get stuck being disappoint: just as important as thinking positive is to get rid of negative thoughts and disappointment, they only attract more of themselves.
  • Count your blessings: In simple words, be grateful for what the universe has given you so far. It speeds up the manifestation of the Law of Attraction and positive thoughts.
  • Understand and feel what achieving your goals feels like: Believe that what you want will happen and think about how it will when it does. Put all your faith in a basket and send it the universe’s way. It gives you back.
  • Visualize: You want a promotion? Think about where you want your office to be, the color of the wall and the size of the desk.

The three essential commandments

Though the Law of attraction can be conveyed as practicing positivity in thoughts and action, there is more to it, and it could not be expressed any better than the following:

Ask and it shall be given you,

Seek and you shall find.

Knock and it shall be open unto you.

In short, there’s nothing that you can wish for and will not happen, given you are willing to work for it. There’s no happiness, feeling, and relation that you want and can’t find. Lastly, there’s no door of happiness and opportunity that you want to be open for you and it won’t. Positive Thought and the Law of Attraction makes all of this possible.

Some more positive thought

It is important to understand that the Law of Attraction actually works, in fact, it’s all based on logic. Our thoughts dictate our actions which in turn bring consequences. By determining that we will focus on positive thoughts, we are consciously changing our actions as well as the associated outcomes. The things that we focus on are the ones we end up attracting in our lives.

This is the essence of the Law of Attraction. So set your goals and start thinking positively about them, and you shall end up achieving it all.