Every business owner knows that in order to be successful, they have to market their company. Regardless of the type of business, a strong marketing plan will include ways to gain new clients or customers, as well as retain existing clients. Unfortunately, marketing is often one of the first items cut from a budget that is trying to save money, when in fact, it should be the last.

One of the newest and most effective methods of marketing a business is newsletter marketing. Cost-efficient and easy, it accomplishes both purposes of marketing: attraction and retention. While it has been historically accomplished through traditional mailings, recently newsletter marketing has entered the digital age and has refashioned itself into E-newsletter marketing. The delivery method has changed, but the basic principle has not.

Newsletter marketing is the delivery of a company newsletter to clients and potential clients. Useful information, in a beautifully designed and well-written format, is sent to your contact list on a regular basis. Within the newsletter may be information about new product or service offerings, special deals or sales, new locations or helpful tips and techniques on using your products.

E-newsletter marketing gives you even more potential for client interaction. With global delivery, one newsletter blast can reach people in multiple countries simultaneously. Depending on the delivery system, you can measure direct results of your mailing, and track what elements of your newsletter are most successful.

Newsletter marketing can be handled in-house by some companies, or you may prefer to hire a firm that provides templates, mailing lists and will automate the process for you. Pricing plans vary according to the number of recipients and the number of mailings you want to make.

The benefits of newsletter marketing can include: name recognition, content marketing, direct sales and client interaction. With a few carefully written features, your newsletter marketing can have a huge impact on the bottom line of your company – and can be handled without leaving your desk. As with all marketing campaigns, newsletter marketing is dependent upon consistency and content. If you repeatedly send material that is valuable and reliable to your clients, they will continue to turn to you with their business.