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The 5 Major Classes of Antidepressants

Depression is a growing concern of healthcare in the 21st century and it's a second-leading …

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The Age of Analytics: Competing in a Data-Driven World

There has been a lot of hype about the promises and potential of big data, but is it all hype, or is …

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Account Manager Resume: Examples, Template, and Resume Tips

Over the past decade, there has been a steadily rising demand for account managers. Today, almost …

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The Eight Essentials of Innovation

In a world that is rocked by the constant threat of change as technology grows at an unprecedented …

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12 Fun (Not Cheesy) Ice Breaker Games Your Employees Will Enjoy

An icebreaker is an activity that you can use for employees when you want to have the conversation …

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The Digital Future of Work: What Skills Will Be Needed?

Over the last two decades, computing power has grown to unprecedented levels, and there have been …

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Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s How They Do It.

Most of us do it. At the end of every year, we sit down and evaluate our choices for the past one …

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How Product Packaging Affects Buying Decisions

There are at least two types of shoppers. There are those who have a shopping list, whether physical …

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The Importance of Assimilation in Adaptation

When you hear the word “adaptation”, the first things that come to your mind probably have something …

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