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The Best Fonts for Your Resume Ranked

When you are writing your resume, the font might seem like the least of your worries. You want to …

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Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

“I find myself opposed to the view of knowledge as a passive copy of reality." – Jean Piaget How do …

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Tell Me About Yourself—Ways to Answer this Job Interview Question

"So, tell me about yourself.” “Ummmm…” “I’m from London, happily married with three kids and I …

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Sample Job Interview Thank You Letter Tips and Example

You took the time and came up with a killer resume and cover letter. You even went a notch higher …

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How to Answer the Question “Do You Have Any Questions?”

You’ve been sitting in the job interview for a while, things have been going smoothly and suddenly …

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How Long Should My Resume Be?

Resume length is one of the most talked about issues in the world of job applications. Every …

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The 10 Worst Mistakes Career Changers Can Make

Someday you might find yourself sitting at your desk wondering what life would be like if you’ve …

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Buzzwords to Include and to Avoid on Your Resume

Words matter in your resume. If you consider how the average hiring manager will spend only six to …

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How to Write Accomplishments on Your Resume

An accomplishment section is a great addition to your resume. It can help demonstrate your skills in …

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