The ability of a person to utilize his efforts, time, and other resources efficiently and effectively in order to achieve something is known as his organization skills. Good organization skills encompass the ability to look at the entire picture and see what improvements can be made in a particular project or situation, as well as the talent of balancing many duties and tasks competently.

Organization skills are usually a function of many other skills such as planning, scheduling, time management, and coordination etc. People with good organization skills are usually easy to identify since their talent is reflected in the sense of control they have as well as the completion of their everyday responsibilities.

Why are organization skills important

You may be able to continue your job with poor or no organization skills but it is always stressful. You fear that time is running out with many tasks still pending and it makes you feel ineffective, scattered, and often edgy. Having employees with good organization skills, however, helps the company and its employees in the following ways:

  • Efficiency is enhanced. Organization skills help us minimize time wastage e.g. when searching for lost files or switching from one device to another because the information we seek to retrieve was stored separately. The ability to do more in less time definitely increases productivity and efficiency, reducing the stress levels to a great extent.
  • Improved quality of work. With good organization skills, you are able to avoid mistakes and do your job with minimum possible errors. Many of such mistakes, such as missing an appointment or overlooking important information, can be costly in terms of money as well as in terms of a missed opportunity. Avoiding them certainly makes your work quality better.

How to improve organization skills

If given due consideration, following are the steps that can help you improve your organization skills:

  • Begin by evaluating your current state. You can never improve something unless you know what is wrong with it or what is it lacking. Similarly, improving organization skills requires you to evaluate your current approach and strategies to determine what missing factor can improve your efficiency as well as the quality of work.
  • Start small. If you wish to improve your organization skills, you must remember not to undertake big tasks immediately. Begin by practicing with smaller and easier tasks to cultivate self-discipline. It is better to use a step-by-step approach and take smaller “steps”. This will save you from any disappointments that may be caused when you fail at applying organization skills at a big task.
  • Learn to categorize as well as prioritize. Categorizing and prioritizing are a significant part of this struggle for improvement. When it comes to your things, you must categorize them and when it comes to activities, you must prioritize them. That is the key to better organization skills. For instance, this way you’ll be able to retrieve a file without much time lost and perform all important activities in time.
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