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If you’re like most people, when you think of computer science, you may immediately think of a dark room with a bunch of people huddled around computers furiously typing away at their keyboards, or you may even think of complicated maths and number based computer related programs. However, there a number of things you may not know about this profession.

For example, computer scientists will more often than not, focus on the theoretical aspects of computers, which then serves as a big umbrella with a broad range of subjects and career opportunities underneath it. This field focuses on the study of computers and computing, including the theoretical and algorithmic foundations, hardware and software, and their uses for processing information.

Computer science has become a booming market across industries, as the world becomes more and more dependent on computers and technology. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer science field is growing faster than usual with a 16% growth rate per year!

Pursuing a career in computer sciences means that there are many industries and career paths that will need your highly valuable skills at one stage or another.

There are plenty of opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills to become a successful computer science genius. One of the most popular choices is online learning. We have searched the internet to find some of the top-rated computer science courses available at the moment. So be sure to check out the links below to kick-start your computer science career.


Designed and created by Kurt Anderson, a self-taught multi-media designer and computer scientist, this bestselling computer science course is sure to help you become a better programmer and software engineer.

Kurt has over 8 years of industry experience and has always aimed to help bring out the creative vision of all his clients.

The course covers 8.5 hours of on-demand video content which will help you understand the fundamental theories of algorithm analysis, computer science theory, when to use different data structures and algorithms, the ability to understand core sorting algorithms and how to compare them.

There are no prerequisites required to enrol for this course and it is open to all willing to learn new and exciting topics! Don’t miss this opportunity and check out the course page by following the link below.

What the reviews are saying:

Great revision on my studies of computer science. Good solid explanations and easy to follow. The tutor knows his stuff and is very succinct. Looking forward to the rest and getting deeper into the concepts.” – Daniel Rae

“Course was well explained and thorough. I was initially intimidated, but the course breakdown helped overcome initial anxieties. Really enjoyed it!” – Ridhwan Khan


If you have a keen interest in computer science then this is the course for you! Take your first steps towards learning core programming concepts with this course, in order to equip yourself with the practical knowledge and skills needed to solve complicated problems.

This is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to learn the computer science discipline, as well as anyone wanting to become a good programmer who can solve problems like a computer science expert!

Programming is the art of writing useful, maintainable, and extensible source codes that can be read by a computer system in order to perform specific task. This computer science course will cover all you need to know about the correct programming theory.

There are no entry requirements for this course and you are free to study from the comfort of your own home! Be sure to enrol for this incredible opportunity today and learn to write code like an expert.

What the reviews are saying:

“Well organised, I truly appreciate instructor’s effort to make all the lessons very impressive and engaging.” – Jasmine Robertson

“Loved the teaching style, precise and full of easy to grasp info, overall great course.” – Katherine Kelly


This is the ultimate informative course collection for you to learn how to program in several languages to build end products, such as computer applications, mobile applications and responsive websites.

The course covers over 130 hours of informative lecture videos to work through whether you’re completely new to this or are just looking to learn a new hobby. You could be an absolute beginner, or are someone with some prior knowledge looking to develop your skills further.

All training programs offered make us of fast and effective methods of teaching, written and designed by industry experts.  You will be able to track your progress with the learning Management System and have unlimited access to support services.


Join the path to greatness through Udacity’s free Intro to Theoretical Computer Science course.

This course teaches you how to deal with challenging problems as you work through basic concepts in theoretical computer science, such as NP-completeness. You will also learn what these concepts imply for solving algorithmic problems.

Prerequisites and requirements require that you have a basic understanding of algorithms and programming before enrolling for this course.

The course runs for approximately 2 months as you engage with rich learning content taught by industry professional and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. You will work through instructor led videos at your own pace and learning will come through completing exercises.

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of theoretical computer science which will allow you to recognize some of the most challenging algorithmic problems out there and gives you powerful tools to deal with them in practice.


This AP Computer Science A course is the equivalent of a first-semester, college-level course in computer science that will adequately prepare you as you begin your journey as a computer scientist.

The course runs for two semesters and emphasizes an object-orientated programming methodology, focusing on problem solving and algorithm development. You will also learn about data structures, design, and abstraction.

All individuals interested in enrolling for this course should have a full understanding of mathematics at the Algebra ll level, along with some programming experience, a basic understanding of networks, and knowledge of the responsible use of computer systems.


Wanting to learn essential Java programming skills and how to master big ideas in computer science? Udemy is offering a comprehensive AP Computer Science course that will cover just that!

Enrolling for this course allows you to learn how to do programming and how to analyse a program effectively, as well as teaching you the essential Java programming skills and how to master big ideas in computer science.

Each lecture you will work through an example program, allowing you to apply the knowledge you have learnt. You will also have plenty of opportunity for practice questions, quizzes, and programming exercises throughout the course in order to enhance your understanding of the idea and to help improve your programming efficiency and test scores.

The course follows a spiral study model in order to build up good programming habits and shorten learning cycles in programming. Each step of your journey will be facilitated by Eric Chou, an industry professional with a passion for computational research and its application to the real world.

What the reviews are saying:


I’m the type of student who doesn’t like courses that are too slow or too hard. I’ve taken countless online courses and over 10 udemy courses. There is not one course that has kept me wanting to move forward the way this course does. I usually wait until I’m around 11% through the course and if I still feel stuck then I drop it. This guy is not an Instructor, he’s a straight up mentor. Whenever I need help he’s there to help on challenges that’s in this course and/or my personal challenges (ProjectEuler, which is an online programming site for challenges). I use to be scared of programming challenges and now I’m feeling more and more comfortable. And yeah, he does facebook chat too if you really need serious help. Whoever gives this guy a rating of less than Excellent is a fool and they never gave him a chance to show how amazing of a teacher he really is. I’m now at 57% percent and still going. CAN’T WAIT FOR PART TWO!!!!!” – Ralph Guichette


Harvard University and EdX have teamed up to bring you the ultimate Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Web Programming.

Over the course of 6 months, you will obtain a broad and robust understanding of computer science and programming as well as obtaining indispensable skills in web application based topics. You will learn how to keep track of changes made to code, how to synchronize code between different people, how to test changes to code, and so much more!

The course is divided into 2 skill-building courses, both self-paced for you to progress at your own pace. Every step of your journey will be led by expert instructors who are committed to teaching you in their best possible capacity.


Princeton University and Coursera are proud to bring you the Computer Science: Programming with Purpose course, in order to take you on a journey to understanding the nature of computer science and its undeniable impact on the modern world.

In the last millennium, the basis for education was reading, writing, and arithmetic, which has since been revised to reading, writing, and computing. Programming has become an essential part of the education system, and is no longer limited to the sciences and engineering.

If you are edging to learn programming in a scientific context, then this is definitely the course for you!

You will make use of Java programming language and will learn valuable skills for computational problem solving that are applicable in many modern day computing environments. All content is taught by industry professionals who have extensive knowledge in this field of expertise.

The course runs for approximately 10 weeks, with around 40 hours of content to complete. All academic levels are welcome and the course is being offered for free! No course fees, does unfortunately mean that there is no certificate upon completion.

What the reviews are saying:

“Beautiful course. I am a software developer with 10+ years of experience in programming and have never realized depth of actual MATH behind all that I do. Thank you Robert Sedgewick, you are the BEST.” – VS

“Excellent course, inface the best I found on any MOOC platform for a complete beginner to Java. Loved it. Would appreciate more coding assignments though. Only week 1 & 2 have those.” – BB


The University of London is offering a suite of new online BSc Computer Science Degrees in order to prepare you for technology jobs of the future.

All of their programs on offer are creative and follow an interactive approach to learning. Coursera is one of the world’s largest online learning platforms, who provide an immersive learning experience.

You have the option of choosing from one of seven specialisms to build your interests and to develop your skills in order to build a fulfilling career. Your skills will develop through hands-on project work, with a focus on computing with strong programming and mathematics. You will also learn skills in project management, presentation skills and teamwork, all of which are highly valued by employees. At some stage during the course you will be able to create a portfolio of work that can later be presented to potential employees.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science!

Top 9 Online Computer Science Courses

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