Careers at Atria Senior Living


Atria Senior Living Inc (“Atria”) seeks to provide high quality senior care services, recognising the unique challenges of aging and encouraging that those within its care to live a fulfilling and independent lifestyle.


Atria was established in 1996. The company in its current form was founded in 2003 and has its roots in several senior care companies that were merged together during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

These companies include ARV Assisted Living Inc, Kapson Senior Quarters, and Atria Communities. Since the merger of these companies, the newly-formed Atria has continued to expand through organic growth, through acquisitions, and through management deals.

In 2007, the company notably began managing 11 facilities formerly operated by Sterling Glen, most of which are located in the New York City metro area. 

Atria is among the largest elderly care operators in North America.

The company has a presence in all major US markets, with a concentration in California and the Northeast, as well as a presence in Canada.

Atria currently has more than 23,000 residents, owns and operates more than 27,000 units, and has a workforce of more than 16,000 employees.

Business model of Atria Senior Living

Customer Segments

Atria operates senior living services facilities and provides related services.

As an operator of assisted living housing developments, the company’s core customers are senior citizens – typically those over the age of 65 years of age – as well as the families and other relatives of senior citizens.

Atria operates primarily in the US, operating housing developments across 27 US states, as well as in Canada, where it has an operating presence across seven provinces.

Value Propositions

Atria provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • Reputation and Track Record – Atria is an established provider of assisted living services, having a positive track record within the industry dating back more than twenty years;
  • Luxury Developments – Atria develops and operates luxury housing facilities, seeking to set itself apart from competitors in the quality of its properties and the added facilities and that its developments include;
  • Experience and Expertise – Atria employs more than 14,600 dedicated professionals that are trained and experience din provider care to senior citizens and operating assisted living facilities, ensuring that the company’s customers receive high-quality care;
  • Varied Housing Options – Atria operates offers several different assisted living options to its customers – including independent living, assisted and supportive living, memory care, and short-term stay options – ensuring that it has options to suit all customers;
  • National Reach – Atria has an extensive reach across the US, operating more than 225 communities and more than 27,000 individual units across 27 states, as well as across 7 provinces in Canada, ensuring that it is able to serve customers at facilities close to their families; and
  • Sustainability and Green Practices – Atria is committed to providing sustainable services that can be maintained for many years without harming the environment by using low-flow plumbing systems, energy efficient lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems, and drought tolerant landscaping.


Atria serves its customers directly through its network of more than 225 assisted living communities located in the US and Canada.

These facilities are staffed by specialised elderly care professionals who are on hand to provide dedicated acre to its customers.

Atria operates sales and support teams that are responsible for handling enquiries from and marketing and selling rental units to potential customers.

Atria operates a website at through which customers can schedule tours of the company’s assisted living communities.

The company also has a directory through which prospective customers can locate assisted living communities in their local area or state.

Customer Relationships

Atria seeks to establish a close relationship with its customers, primarily through its in-community personnel – including specialised elderly acre professionals – who work closely with customers, caring for their needs and establishing a rapport.

The company also seeks to establish trust with its elderly customers by providing high-quality, reliable, and efficient services across its facilities.

As noted above, Atria operates a website at, through which it provides information to patients on a self-service basis.

This includes information on the company’s various communities, its workforce, and additional services.

The company also provides a dedicated family resources section that provides guidance to families on the process of planning and implementing a move for their elderly relative, including downloadable tools and resources.

Atria additionally  operates s support team that is available for contact over the phone and online.

Atria is also able to communicate directly with customers through its various social media accounts, including with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as through its own blog hosted on its website.

Key Activities

Atria is engaged in the development and operation of independent living, supportive living, assisted living, and memory care services.

The company offers short-term temporary stay and retirement community services. Atria operates more than 225 assisted living communities across 27 states in the US, as well as in seven Canadian provinces, and employs an extensive workforce comprising medical and specialist elderly care professionals.

Key Partners

Atria works closely with a network of companies and organisations across the US.

These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Supplier and Vendor Partners, comprising suppliers of equipment and materials to be used across the company’s various assisted living communities, as well as providers of other external services that support the company’s corporate operations;
  • Research and Sponsorship Partners, comprising various research organisations and academic institutions that the company partners and or sponsors in relation to researching issues associated with aging and lifelong wellness;
  • Real Estate Partners, including various real estate development companies, contractors and real estate investment trusts, with which the company partners in the operation and development of land across the US;
  • Joint Venture Partners, including various real estate and assisted living companies with which the company operates jointly-owned vehicles in the assisted living and development space; and
  • Strategic and Alliance Partners, comprising companies and organisations with which the company collaborates on branding, development, and marketing projects.

Among its research and sponsorship partners Atria includes organisations such as the International Council on Active Aging, US Green Building Council, American Seniors Housing Association, Assisted Living Federation of America, and David Troxel.

Key Resources

Atria’s business model is dependent on its ability to develop and operate high quality assisted living communities across the US and Canada.

As such, the company’s key resources are its real estate assets and assisted living developments – the company notably operates more than 225 assisted living communities across the US and Canada, its equipment inventory and medical supplies, its suppliers and supply chain, its personnel – in particular its specialised elderly care professionals, its partnerships, and its support centres.

Cost Structure

Atria incurs costs in relation to the development and operation of its assisted living communities – including investment in real estate, the procurement of third party services and essential supplies, the payment of salaries and benefits to its personnel, the management of its partnerships, the sponsorship and implementation of research studies, and the operation of its offices and support centres – including occupancy and utility costs.

Atria is a privately held company and as such it is not required to publish its financial results online.

Revenue Streams

Atria generates revenue through the development and operation of assisted living communities in the US and Canada.

The company principally derives its revenue under occupancy contracts, collecting monthly rental fees from its customers and their families.

As noted above, Atria does not publish its financial results online. As such its revenue figures are unclear.

Our team

John A. Moore,
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

info: John A. Moore (“Moore”) serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Atria. He is responsible for leading the company’s overall strategic direction and is the company’s principal decision maker. Moore also serves as Chief Executive Officer of ARV Assisted Living Inc, the General Partner American Retirement Villas Properties II and III LP. Moore has held a number of leadership positions within the real estate sector. From 1996 to 1998 he served as Executive Vice President of Finance for World Financial Properties, following which he served as Chief Financial Officer at Lazard Freres Real Estate Investors LLC. Prior to joining Atria, Moore served as Managing Principal at Lazard Freres Real Estate Investors LLC from 2002.

Mark Jessee,
President and Chief Administrative Officer

info: Mark Jessee (“Jessee”) has served as President and Chief Administrative Officer at Atria since 2013. He is responsible for coordinating the company’s Board of Directors and oversees much of the company’s everyday operations. Jessee began his career in 1982 as an accountant at Ernst and Young. After being promoted to senior accountant he moves to Humana Inc as Director of Finance in 1986. He first joined Atria in 1997 as Vice President of Finance, a role he held for four years. In 2001, he was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the company. He held this role for 11 years before assuming his current position.

Sean Purser,
Senior Vice President and Chief Quality Officer

info: Sean Purser (“Purser”) has served as Chief Quality Officer at Atria since January 2017. He is responsible for monitoring the quality of the services provided across Atria’s facilities and ensuring that the company’s standards are maintained. Purser began his career as an accountant at LG & E KU, where he worked from six years from 1999. He joined Atria in 2006 as Vice President and Operations Controller. He held this role for more than 11 years before assuming his current position.