Careers at BayCare Health System


BayCare Health System (“BayCare”) seeks to improve the health of all the patients that it serves through community-owned health care services that set the standard for high-quality, compassionate care.


BayCare was founded in 1997.  The Company was formed with the intention of filling what the founders identified as a void in the community health care space in Florida. 

Beginning with only a handful of hospitals, the Company has since expanded its operations significantly and has sought to streamline its business by consolidating duplicative non-patient care services such as purchasing, human resources and financial services under a single banner.

BayCare currently operates a network of 15 hospitals, as well as more than 300 associated clinics and outpatient facilities, through which serves communities in Florida. 

The Company has developed a system under which it is able to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries, including cancer, behavioural health, diabetes, extended care, heart and vascular services, infectious diseases, internal medicine, neurosciences, back and neck health, primary care, rehabilitation, sleeping disorders, sports medicine, and surgery.

Business model of BayCare Health System

Customer Segments

BayCare provides a range of medical and health care services to patients.

The Company serves a full range of patient needs across its network of facilities, including patients in the following segments:

  • Emergency Care Patients, comprising patients who require emergency treatment for acute injuries and illnesses;
  • Inpatient Patients, comprising patients who need treatment or ongoing care for chronic conditions, major surgeries, or other ailments that require an overnight stay in a medical facility;
  • Outpatient Patients, comprising patients who require smaller treatments or operations that can be completed in a single day and do not require an overnight stay;
  • Post-Acute Services, comprising patients who require ongoing care – including rehabilitation therapy – over an extended period of time, as well as patients that require home care services.

BayCare provides services to patients in Florida.  The Company does not have any operations outside of this region.

Value Propositions

BayCare provides value to its customers in the following ways:

  • Reputation and Standing Since its establishment in 1997, BayCare has garnered a positive reputation across its facilities, and is a well-known name in the regional health care sector;
  • Quality Care – BayCare is dedicated to providing technically excellent medical services, as well as treating its patients respectfully, compassionately, and patiently, ensuring that its patients are comfortable throughout their treatments;
  • Broad Range of Services – BayCare offers a wide range of treatments and care services to patients in Florida, including primary care, specialist treatments, and ongoing inpatient and outpatient care, ensuring that it is able to meet the medical needs of all patients who come through its doors;
  • Education and Training – BayCare dedicates a large portion of its budget to providing ongoing education and training to current and prospective clinical staff, ensuring that its personnel are able to provide the best quality care;
  • Accessibility and Assistance – BayCare operates a large regional network of 15 hospitals as well as more than 300 outpatient care facilities, ensuring that its services can be access conveniently and quickly by patients across the region; and
  • Experience and Expertise – BayCare employs highly trained health care professionals who have proven expertise or experience in a range of medical fields, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment.


BayCare serves its patients directly through its network of medical facilities across southern Illinois and mid-Missouri. 

This includes the Company’s 15 hospitals, as well as a network of more than 300 outpatient care facilities. 

Across the Company’s facilities, patients are treated directly by BayCare’s internal medical personnel, who deal in-person with patient conditions, problems, queries, and questions. 

BayCare operates a website at, through which patients can request appointments and pay medical bills on a self-service basis.

Customer Relationships

BayCare encourages patients to return to its hospitals by providing high-quality, reliable, and efficient services across its facilities. 

The Company’s medical personnel are notably key in gaining the trust of patients through their expertise, experience, and demeanour. 

The Company’s staff work closely with patients, providing treatment and advice, handling questions, and providing in-person assistance. 

Through its website, BayCare provides information to patients on a self-service basis, including information on its various operating locations, its services, its classes and events, its billing and insurance processes, and its care providers. 

As noted above, patients can pay bills and request appointments online, and are able to access their own account on the Company’s patient portal.

Key Activities

BayCare operates a health care system in Florida.  The Company operates a network of 15 hospitals, as well as more than 300 outpatient care facilities, through which it provides a wide range of medical and health care services to patients and their families in Florida. 

The Company offers primary, specialist, and outpatient care services in a wide range of medical specialties, including cancer care, orthopaedics, digestive health, diabetes, neuroservices, women’s health, heart care, paediatric medicine, respiratory care, substance abuse testing, injury treatment, and rehabilitation.  The Company was established in 1997 and is headquartered in Florida. 

Key Partners

BayCare works closely with a network of partner companies and organisations in Florida. 

These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Suppliers and Vendor Partners, comprising suppliers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical products that are used across the Company’s facilities, as well as other third-party providers of services that support the Company’s corporate activities more broadly;
  • Managed Care Payor Partners, comprising a range of state-run health system partners, including Medicare and Medicaid, as well as third party private medical insurance providers, under whose coverage patients are able to BayCare’s medical services;
  • Academic and Training Partners, comprising a range of medical research and academic institutions with which the Company collaborates to provide training and teaching to existing and prospective medical personnel;
  • Community Partners, comprising a range of charitable organisations and non-profits with which the Company collaborates on community and social projects across Florida; and
  • Strategic Partners, comprising various other commercial enterprises with which the Company collaborates on other strategic medical and business development projects.

BayCare has agreed a number of partnerships since its establishment 1997.  In recent years, the Company has partnered with companies and organisations such as TechDeck, Lumeris, Publix, USF Health Sciences Centre, BayState Health, and YMCA.

Key Resources

The success of BayCare’s business model is dependent on its ability to deliver reliable and effective health care services to patients across its facilities in Florida. 

As such, the Company’s key resources are its network of hospitals and medical facilities, its inventory of medical equipment and supplies, its supply chain infrastructure, its personnel – in particular its trained physicians and clinical staff, its partnerships, and its IT and communications infrastructure. 

BayCare’s most important assets are its 15 hospitals, and network of more than 300 outpatient facilities, without which the Company would not be able to provide adequate care to its patients..

Cost Structure

BayCare incurs costs in relation to the operation of its network of hospitals and clinics – including occupancy and utility costs, the procurement of medical supplies and equipment, the procurement of third-party services, the implementation of academic teaching and training programs, the management of its partnerships, the payment of salaries and benefits to its personnel, and the maintenance of its IT and communications infrastructure.

Revenue Streams

BayCare generates revenue through the provision of clinical treatment and medical services to patients across its network of 15 hospitals and more than 300 outpatient facilities in Florida. 

The Company derives its revenue primarily in the form of medical fees charged either directly to patients, or collected under managed care schemes, such as Medicare or Medicaid, or third party private medical insurers. 

BayCare is not a publicly-listed entity, and as such it is not obliged to publish detailed financial accounts online. 

The Company, however, was reported to have generated USD 4.16 billion in annual revenue in 2018, up around 5% on the UASD 3.81 billion recorded by the Company in 2017. 

The increase was attributed in part to a rise in the Company’s net patient service revenue.

Our team

Tommy Inzina,
President and Chief Executive Officer

info: Tomy Inzina (“Inzina”) has served as President and Chief Executive Officer at BayCare since 2016. In this role , he is responsible for developing and implementing the Company’s overall growth and business development strategies, and for coordinating the Company’s senior executive leadership team. Inzina was previously Chief Financial Officer at BayCare from its establishment in 1997, and has also served previously as the Company‘s Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Inzina began his career at professional services firm Ernst and Young (now EY), where he served for around ten years in health care auditing and consulting positions. After his time at Ernst and Young, he joined St. Joseph’s - St. Anthony’s Health System, which has since been merged into BayCare’s corporate structure.

Nishant Anand,
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer

info: Nishant Anand (“Anand”) has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at BayCare since joining the Company in October 2018. In this role, he is responsible for leading the Company’s physician agenda and directing efforts to improve quality, safety and efficiency of clinical care across the system, as well as overseeing the operations of BayCare Physician Partners. Anand has previously held several senior leadership positions in the medical services sector. From 20907 to 2014, he served as Chief Medical Officer at Emergency Professional Services, following which he served for more than two year as Chief Medical Officer of the Banner Health Network at Banner Health. He went on to join Memorial Hermann Health System in 2017 as Senior Vice President, Physician in Chief and Chief Medical Officer, and prior to joining BayCare was Senior Vice President, Chief Transformation Officer, and Chief Medical Officer at Adventist Health System.

Glenn Waters,
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

info: Glenn Waters (“Waters”) has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at BayCare since 2015. In this role, he is responsible for implementing the Company’s management strategies on a day-to-day basis across its network of hospitals, as well as for the clinical integration of BayCare’s hospitals, ambulatory care and behavioural health services, and the administrative management of BayCare Medical Group. Waters has held several previous positions at BayCare, including a spell as President of the Company’s Hospital Division from 2013 to 2015, and a spell as President of Morton Plant Mease Health Care from 2008 to 2013. Prior to joining BayCare, Waters served as Chief Operating Officer at Moses Cone Health System in Greensboro in North Carolina.