Careers at Center for Teacher Effectiveness


They provide solutions to effective classroom discipline so that teachers have more time to do what they love – teach. By implementing a modern classroom management system, the Center for Teacher Effectiveness wants to improve job satisfaction of teachers and raise the performance of students.


With the guidance and supervision of Dr. Madeline Hunter and John Wooden, Time to Teach has been reshaping the fabric of the traditional education system in America for over 40 years. The Center for Teacher Effectiveness was founded in 1991 and continues the work that Hunter and Wooden started all those decades ago.

They now collaborate with leading educators, researchers, and master teachers all around the United States of America. They are rapidly becoming one of the leading providers of teacher education, training, and staff development in the United States and their neighbor Canada.

The organization specializes in evolving teaching and learning in schools as we know it. They provide useful professional teacher staff development. For the past decade, they have produced high quality training programs for kindergarten to 12th grade education professionals.