Careers at Noom


Noom strives to help those who wish to be healthier accomplish their goals by providing personal coaches with the technological tools to make it possible.

Business Segments

  • Healthy Weight: Provides personal coaches and those being trained with a means to keep up with their workout data and increase decision making which leads to positive results.
  • Diabetes Prevention: Provides an application which keeps track of information such as carbohydrate and sugar intake, and relays it to a personal coach, to prevent diabetes before it happens.
  • For Business: Offers employers a healthy view on the issues which cause health issues and obesity in their company, offering insight into pre-chronic and chronic conditions at a large scale.


Noom was founded in 2007 by Artem Petakov, and Saeju Jeong. The company has had a continued vision of making a healthy living more accessible to all people by developing products which make the process enjoyable. Currently the company is in its early stages and runs its business in the mobile industry.

The companys’ services include weight loss and exercise tracking mobile applications, a diabetes prevention program, with a behavior change program to check for chronic and pre-chronic conditions. They operate on both the individual and enterprise level to make their services more readily available.

In 2015, Noom received over $16 million in funding to improve their mobile health solution software. This funding is being used to further develop its platform and coaching capabilities, which uses artificial and human intelligence to keep track of behavioral changes and provide accurate dietary solutions to customers.

By providing these services at an affordable rate, the company hopes to provide many with the healthy lifestyle that they need. To this date Noom continues to offer its personal coaching services combined with data analytics to deliver a custom tailored dietary program to each customer.