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Spark seeks to provide efficient and effective telecommunications and digital network solutions to consumers, and small, medium, and large commercial enterprises.

Business segments

Spark organises its operations into three reportable business segments:

  • Spark Home, Mobile and Business, through which the Company provides fixed line, mobile and internet services to consumers and the small and medium business market;
  • Spark Digital, through which the Company integrates information technology and telecommunications services to provide converged information and communications technology solutions; and
  • Spark Connect, which comprises the Company’s network and IT operations, shared business operations and servicing of wholesale and international customers.

Founding story

Spark traces its roots back to 1987 and the introduction of The Postal Services Act, which saw the operations of the New Zealand Office split into three separate entities. This included the creation of Telecom New Zealand, trading as Telecom, which included all of the former New Zealand Post Office’s telecommunications assets.

In 1990 Telecom was sold to US telecoms companies Bell Atlantic and Ameritech, and a year later the Company was listed on the New Zealand, Australian, and New York stock exchanges. Telecom underwent several ownership and structural changes before rebranding as Spark in 2014.

Spark remains a leading telecommunications operator in New Zealand, providing a diverse portfolio of products and services to consumers and businesses. The Company maintains a retail network across the country’s major cities and has developed an extensive telecoms infrastructure. The Company continues to trade a portion of its shares on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange and has a current market capitalisation of NZD 6.6 billion.

Why work at Spark New Zealand

Customer Segments

Spark offers a diverse range of products and solutions for a varied client base that comprises individual consumers and commercial operators. The Company’s customers can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Consumers, including individual users across multiple demographics to whom the Company sells a range of telecommunications products, devices, services, and platforms;
  • Small Businesses, including professional sole traders, small accounting firms, retail businesses, tradespeople, hospitality businesses, law firms, and medical practices; and
  • Medium and Large Enterprises, comprising large-scale commercial enterprises across a range of industries, including technology companies, government bodies, travel and hospitality companies, engineering firms, manufacturers, healthcare providers, energy companies, and contractors.

Spark names a number of its clients on its website. This includes government bodies such as Wanganui District Council and Taranaki District Health Board, as well as companies such as Z Energy, Grayson Engineering, McKechnie Aluminium, and House of Travel.

Spark is based in New Zealand, which remains its principal market. The Company does not appear to maintain any significant international operations.

Value Propositions

Spark provides value to its clients in the following ways:

  • Its brand strength and reputation, with the Company established as a leading provider of telecommunications services and communications products, maintaining a popular and recognisable brand in its domestic market of New Zealand;
  • Its broad range of products and services, with the Company offering a broad portfolio of products and solutions to consumers and businesses, including smartphones, call plans, cloud and connectivity solutions, and IT services;
  • Its accessibility and flexibility, with the Company’s products and services easily accessed by clients through the Company’s network of retail outlets across New Zealand, as well as through its online store;
  • Its domestic reach, with the Company serving a broad client base across its home market of New Zealand, with the Company operating 14 retail locations across the Company’s major cities and towns; and
  • Its industry expertise and experience, with the Company employing specialist telecommunications professionals led by a team of experienced industry executives.


Spark operates a website at, through which it provides information on its various products, services, solutions, and locations. The Company operates an online sales portal for general consumers, through which customers can purchase phones and mobile plans directly.

Spark makes the bulk of its sales to consumers through a direct retail sales force.  These sales personnel operate out of the Company’s network of 14 retail outlets across New Zealand’s major cities, including locations in Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North, Napier, Tauranga, Dunedin, Christchurch, and Hamilton.

Spark additionally maintains a separate direct sales force through which it sells IT and communications products and solutions to large commercial entities. These sales personnel operate out of the Company’s offices and deal closely with the Company’s clients across multiple industries.

Customer Relationships

Spark provides products and solutions to consumers on a self-service basis through its online store, which enables customers to purchase products, subscribe to mobile phone plans, and pay bills without interacting with members of the Company’s sales and service personnel. The Company offers a more personalised service through its network of retail outlets, with sales person able to deal with customer enquiries and questions in person and ensure that they receive appropriate services.

Spark additionally makes sales to commercial entities through a dedicated direct sales force, the members of which consult closely with clients in order to ensure that the Company’s solutions meet the individual needs of each client. The Company seeks to establish long-term, ongoing relationship with its enterprise clients, aiming to establish its service offerings as a key component of its clients’ It and communications systems.

Spark offers ongoing customer support to its clients, with larger commercial operators having their own account management teams. Customers are able to contact the Company’s dedicated support personnel over the phone, through the Spark mobile app, or via an online chat service in order to access personalised assistance. The Company also offers a range of online support resources, such as FAQs and service updates, that can be accessed independently.

Spark maintains an active social media presence, operating accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, through which it interacts directly with customers and publishes company updates.

Key Activities

Spark is a New Zealand-based telecommunications and IT services providers. It offers an extensive portfolio of mobile communications, fixed line, internet, data network, and wireless services to a diverse customer base.

The Company offers a range of telecommunications and internet products to consumers – including smartphones, talk plans, and mobile network services – as well as more complex commercial network and communications solutions to small, medium, and large businesses across multiple industries, including the healthcare, retail, government, travel, hospitality, engineering, and energy sectors. Spark serves customers across New Zealand, maintaining a presence in the country’s major cities, including Wellington, Auckland, Dunedin, Tauranga, Hamilton, and Christchurch.

Key Partners

Spark works closely with a range of partners that provide services and products in support of the Company’s core operations. These partners can be organised broadly into the following categories:

  • Supplier and Vendor Partners, comprising suppliers of services, equipment, and technologies that are utilised in support of the Company’s core retail and distribution operations;
  • Channel and Distribution Partners, including a network of technology companies, distribution partners and retail partners that assist in marketing and delivering the Company’s products and solutions across New Zealand;
  • Technology and Network Partners, including various technology companies and network service operators that assist in developing and maintaining the Company’s mobile and wireless network solutions; and
  • Strategic and Alliance Partners, including a range of market leading companies across various industries, with which the Company collaborates on joint projects, including in marketing, branding, and development.

Spark lists a number of its key partners on its website. This includes high-profile technology companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMWare, Dell EMC, Trend Micro, and CommVault.

Key Resources

Spark’s key resources are its products and solutions, its suppliers and supply chain, its online sales channel, its IT and communications infrastructure, its physical telecommunications network infrastructure, its network of retail outlets, its partnerships, and its personnel.

Spark owns and or leases a number of physical properties across New Zealand that comprise its retail and office network. The Company also owns certain physical assets that comprise its communications network.

Cost Structure

Spark incurs costs in relation to the development of its solutions, the procurement of supplies and products, the management of its supply chain, the operation of its online and physical retail channels, the maintenance of its IT and communications infrastructure, the operation and maintenance of its telecommunications network assets, the procurement of services, the implementation of advertising and marketing campaigns, the management of its partnerships, and the retention of its personnel.

In 2016 Spark recorded total operating expenses in the amount of NZD 2.51 billion. This included payments to telecommunication operators amounting to NZD 694 million, procurement of IT services in the amount of NZD 809 million, direct network costs in the amount of NZD 69 million, computer costs in the amount of NZD 74 million, and advertising costs in the amount of NZD 77 million.

Revenue Streams

Spark generates revenue through the provision of telecommunications, wireless, and digital network services, as well as the sale of telecommunications devices and products, such as mobile phones. The Company devices revenue in the form of physical sales, as well as under sales and service contracts with commercial entities across multiple sectors.

In 2016 Spark generated revenue for the year in the amount of NZD 3.50 billion, down slightly on the NZD 3.53 billion recorded by the Company in 2015.

Our team

Simon Moutter,
Managing Director

info: Simon serves as Managing Director at Spark. This is his second spell at the Company, having previously served as the Company’s Chief Operating Officer from 2003 to 2008. Moutter oversees the Company’s overall strategic direction. Moutter worked for more than 13 years in the electricity and gas industries, including a spell from 1992 to 1999 as Chief Executive at Powerco. Prior to rejoining Spark in 2012, he served as Head of Auckland International Airport for four years.

David Chalmers,
Chief Financial Officer

info: David has served as Chief Financial Officer at Spark since joining the Company in 2016. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Company’s various financial units, including its accounting, investor relations, and internal audit departments. Chalmers is an experienced executive. He began his career in 1997 at Mitchell Madison Group, where he served as an associate from 1997 to 2000. He was appointed Associate Director at Macquarie Capital in 2002, a role he held for eight years before joining DuluxGroup as manager of mergers and acquisitions and strategy in 2010. Chalmers was appointed Chief Financial Officer at iSelect Limited in 2012, and went on to serve as the Company’s Interim Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Spark, Chalmers was Acting Chief Executive Officer at MediaWorks NZ.

Jolie Hodson,
Chief Executive of Spark Digital

info: Jolie has served as Chief Executive of Spark Digital since 2016, overseeing the operations of the Company’s Spark Digital segment. She previously served as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer from 2013. Hodson began her career at Deloitte New Zealand in 1992, where she served initially as an audit graduate and later as a senior audit manager. In 2000 she joined Lion Co, where she held a number of roles over the course of 13 years, including spells as Group Finance Manager, Corporate Finance Director, Commercial Director of Finance, and Finance Director for Lion Beer Spirits and Wine Limited.