Careers at TaskUs


The mission of TaskUs is to use cutting-edge digital technology to transform the ways in which start-up businesses operate, and enable them to scale up rapidly. The company aims “to spark innovation, improve customer experience and drive revenue through results” for future-oriented business clients.


Two high school friends - Bryce Maddock and Jaspar Weir - formed TaskUs in the Philippines in 2008 as a virtual assistant company. They soon found that start-up businesses had a particular need for their services and decided to focus on the scaling-up requirements of that market segment.

This led them to develop a new vision for using cloud-based digital technologies to increase efficiency and spark transformational growth for start-ups on the verge of scaling up. Once the company had formulated and started promoting its new vision, innovative businesses began to seek out TaskUs of their own accord.

The company uses advanced processes and technologies and a cadre of highly qualified personnel to deliver its services, freeing up clients to concentrate on growing their businesses. It has won numerous awards and is considered a leading provider of outsourced business operations services. TaskUs subscribes to the philosophy of Giving Back, and puts this philosophy into practice by providing scholarships for the children of its Filipino employees.

Benefits at TaskUs